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MBA Depot is designed for all those interested in business, not just current or future MBAs. Since 1999, I have searched the Web looking for articles, tools and resources to aid your study or your ongoing business career. Below is a look at what the site offers.
— Jeff Blum, Editor

Ongoing Learning

Best-of-Web Articles & Links

Looking for the best business articles and resources? We have combed the Web to bring you the noteworthy, not the noise. You can see a list of the publications or a list of the authors we have included to date.

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Recommended Business Books

I know the best-of-web articles will keep you busy, but don't forget the paper press. I've collected the best business books ever published.

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Business Case Studies

Case studies are the core learning tools at most MBA programs but you don't need to be an active student to benefit from them. Take a look at the various online business cases I have collected as well as some useful links to different case study repositories.

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Business Related Quotations

Need inspiration? I've collected some great quotations for you. Plus, you can create your own collection by saving your favorites. Besides being focused on business, what really makes this collection of quotes unique is that they are mostly taken directly from articles and other resources reviewed for the site so you are not likely to find them anywhere else (though, naturally I have included many famous business quotes as well).

left quotation mark image Success is constantly a journey. You're always trying to better understand the sources of your success and the things that could imperil you. If you actually think that you have all those answers, you stop asking the questions. Well, what happens if, in fact, you were wrong about part of it? And then things start to go awry because you've lost that inquisitiveness, the will to try to truly understand. You may, in fact, put the accelerator on the wrong variables because you were wrong about why you were successful in the first place. And so I think the sense of a relentless curiosity and a relentless quest to understand ... reflects the way that certain leaders navigated a world that was very foggy. That's the thing that's so hard, to understand things at the moment. Well, if you have really great people around you to begin with and you ask them the right questions, you're probably more likely to at least have reasonably good answers than if you just assert the statement. ...And it's sort of an empirical observation about the Socratic nature of many of the best people that we've studied. They're great with questions. The funny thing is, when they didn't know the answer, they usually knew the right question to ask. right quotation mark imageJim Collins

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Market Research MBA Depot registration required

It can be difficult to find free market research on the Web. Don't worry – I've built a searchable database of quick market research data on a wide variety of subjects and industries from numerous sources.

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Thought Leader Interviews

I have searched the Web for interviews and profiles of business luminaries and thought leaders so you can learn from these wise men and women.

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Business Related Images & Graphics MBA Depot registration required

Looking for the perfect image for that presentation or report. Check out the best I have come across in my readings.

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Downloadable Files MBA Depot registration required

Check out my collection of templates, presentations, article summaries, case help, class notes, and more.

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Member-Contributed Articles

Here is a small collection of articles submitted by MBA Depot members for the benefit of others.

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Multimedia (Audio/Video) Content

As multimedia content becomes increasingly popular, more and more business material is becoming available and naturally I am always looking for the gems. When possible, the audio/video content will be embedded directly on this site; when not, I will link to the original source.

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Learning Centers

I have aggregated some of the content types listed above for nine core areas of MBA study, including Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, IT, Management, Marketing, Operations, and Organizational Behavior into what I call the subject learning center. I have done the same for industry information in the industry learning center

Career Resources

I challenge you to find a more comprehensive collection of online career resources for high-level business professionals. In addition, I offer original content to help you with your Résumé, Interviewing, Networking, and Internships.

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Other Features

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All registered members will receive a monthly email newsletter listing the most popular content added the prior month. There is also an option to receive a weekly email alert listing the content added to the site in the prior week. And, I have recently added a daily business-related quotation newsletter. Note: You will not receive any spam by signing up and you can easily unsubscribe at any time.

Other Content

Prospective MBA Resources

Links to MBA Program Websites

If you are investigating different MBA program options, I have put together a single page lising of program websites and their BusinessWeek profiles (where available). Various programs also have student-run newspapers that can be worth reading to get a better understanding of the school and its culture.

Essay Writing Course

I have partnered with the folks at EssayEdge to make available a complete Essay Writing Course

Letters of Recommendation Help Center

Access a complete set of articles offering advice and help with letters of recommendation.