About this Site


MBA Depot is focused on MBAs but most of the content found on the site is of great value to anyone who is interested in the education that an MBA represents. Thus, all visitors are welcome!

The primary goal of this site is to cut through the clutter of the Internet and tame information overload by bringing you the noteworthy, not the noise.

There are a lot of management publications out there. Some are good and some not so good, but even the good ones contain a lot of useless content. I read through these sources regularly and pick out just the best articles so you can save valuable time while keeping up with the best management thinking. I also review various management websites and provide annotated links to the useful among them.

Though the annotated links to useful articles are the major feature of MBA Depot, you will also find a fair amount of original and member/partner-contributed content.


I started MBA Depot in late 1999, based on my experiences attending the MBA program at the University of Texas at Austin. That experience left me with the realization that while an MBA curriculum provides a great deal of valuable training, the tools needed to succeed are:

  1. offered in a less than unified fashion
  2. frequently offered only after they are most needed
  3. occasionally not offered at all
  4. skewed toward theoretical vs. practical
  5. equally likely to be acquired from colleagues and outside sources as from faculty

While addressing the first two points seemed daunting, I thought the last three points could be addressed to all MBA students’ benefit through a well-designed and organized website. While planning the site, I did an extensive online search for existing sites and/or possible partners. That search led to a startling revelation—almost all sites out there geared toward MBA students were focusing on either gaining entrance to an MBA program or obtaining employment upon finishing an MBA degree. No real portals existed to address the actual educational goals of typical MBA students or alumni (and general business persons for that matter). You are now viewing the results of the effort to change that situation. I hope it serves your needs.

Jeff Blum
UT Austin MBA, 1998