Startup Kit

Set of useful (though not comprehensive) resources for startups or small businesses. Categories include: Business Ideas (Build an e-business, Buy a business, Analyze your financial performance, Find company valuations, Order industry financial data, Calculate startup costs); Startup Financing (Find a business incubator, Get business loans, Find real estate loans, Locate venture capital, Locate private equity, Find a credit card processor, Outsource your collections, Raise equity financing, Find the best rates on financial products); Startup Paperwork (Get a payroll service, Get a lawyer, Incorporate your business, Get business insurance, Protect trade names); Office Setup (Get Internet access, Get Web hosting, Buy office supplies, Buy postage online, Get virus protection); First Customers (Promote your e-business, Do company research, Find a trade show, Get sales leads, Get market data reports); First Employees (Recruit employees, Get hiring forms, Get group health insurance, Assess your health plan needs, Screen candidates)

Editor’s Note: the link now takes you to something similar to but not quite the same as the description above – mostly just a grouping of relevant articles…

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