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  1. Watch Out for These 3 Gender Biases in Performance Reviews

    Three kinds of bias often creep into the performance-review process, in ways that disproportionately affect women, especially when they choose to take advantage of the flexibility offered by hybrid and remote work. These biases are experience bias, which leads reviewers to overvalue tasks that are easy to define; proximity bias, which leads them to think that people in their immediate orbit do the most important … [ Read more ]

  2. How to Get Mergers and Acquisitions Right

    Companies can get their M&A act right if they pick their targets wisely, avoid overstating expectations of synergies, and manage cultural dynamics correctly, says Wharton’s Emilie Feldman.

  3. Workplace Friction: How to Make the Right Things Easier and the Wrong Things Harder

    Stanford professor and acclaimed author Bob Sutton shares insights on how to eliminate unwanted friction in your organization — starting at the top.

  4. Strategic HR operating models drive business value and resilience

    The current business landscape is being reshaped by disruptive technologies and an uncertain economic environment, prompting organizations to rethink their operations and ways of working. Factors such as higher turnover, remote work trends, and the need for upskilling and reskilling are putting pressure on HR departments. In response, HR leaders are developing innovative operating models that prioritize agility, proactive talent management, and innovation. These models … [ Read more ]

  5. Unlock the Power of Money Words: How Founders Can Write Copy That Converts

    The words we use — or don’t use — impact decisions and, in turn, money. Money words are the execution arm of persuasion. If we can agree that the words we choose are persuasive levers — and our job is to pull those levers intentionally and strategically — then allow me to share with you two money words and one lose-money word. They are the … [ Read more ]

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  1. A Model for Case Analysis and Problem Solving
    An article by Professor Edward G. Wertheim, College of Business Administration, Northeastern University Table of Contents: I. Why We Use the Case Approach II. Your Responsibilities III. The Six Steps for Problem Analysis 1. Comprehend the Case Situation: Data Collection, identify relevant facts 2. Defining the Problem 3. Identify the causes of the problem … [ Read more ]

  2. Michael Porter's Big Ideas
    The world's most famous business-school professor is fed up with CEOs who claim that the world changes too fast for their companies to have a long-term strategy. If you want to make a difference as a leader, you've got to make time for strategy.

  3. Profitably Parting Ways: Getting More Value from Divestitures
    Companies often struggle to capture the full value of a separation. Here’s how to do better.

  4. Winning with an IT M&A Playbook
    What brings repeated success in mergers and acquisitions? What ensures that IT does not cause a deal to falter? A playbook that makes IT integration faster, better, and future-proof.

  5. Decision Quality: Improving Value from Capital Allocation
    Without well-developed decision systems and processes to address the complexities of capital allocation, organizations often resort to long, drawn-out debates; politicking and gaming the system; the gut instincts of a brave executive and staff; or deferring to quantitative analysis alone. With large amounts at stake, the opportunities for improved decision quality can be considerable.

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