Mission, Metrics, or Somewhere in Between: Where Exactly Does the Purpose Gap Begin?

Over the past 10 years or so, “purpose” has become something of an organizational watchword. It’s everywhere—not least in the mission statements and brand identities of most major corporations. And in this era of stakeholder capitalism and pandemic soul-searching, purpose has evolved into a leadership imperative, a signal to those demanding action that the company can do business with this business, because it shares some … [ Read more ]

Seven Rules to Crack the Code on Revenue Synergies in M&A

Companies pursuing revenue synergies can’t take them for granted. Leaders need a clear grasp of where those synergies lie—and the persistence to capture them.

Call Centers Can Be Profit Centers

Your customer contact center is more important to your customer relationships than you think, especially if you know which calls to keep and which calls to outsource.