Five Distinct Views of Scorecards – and Their Implications

Although an organization can have only one overarching strategy, there are five distinct views that stakeholders might have when reviewing a strategy and its associated performance:
* Valuation,
* Navigation,
* Compensation,
* Benchmarking, and
* Evaluation.

Understanding all of these views – their implications and how to implement them – will greatly simplify the development and use of your scorecard … [ Read more ]

The 5 Simple Steps to Building an Award-Winning Balanced Scorecard

We have discovered that a trick to creating a great scorecard is to “rough it in” first, just like building a house. Use the team to create the framework for a great scorecard, like the framing of a house, and then quickly release it to the organization with the request for them to provide the details around the roughed-in scorecard.

In the house metaphor, the scorecard … [ Read more ]