The Art Of The Email Introduction: 10 Rules For Emailing Busy People

A large part of what I do involves introducing people by email. Over the years, consistently about 20% of my outbound emails contain the word “introduction” or “intro.” So that’s why I’m passionate about sharing some of the best practices I’ve learned along the way.

How to Become Insanely Well-Connected

Chris Fralic is a successful VC himself, responsible for First Round’s investments in Warby Parker, Roblox, HotelTonight and Adaptly among others. When asked what’s made his career possible, he’ll tell you outright it’s the relationships — built deliberately over many years. This might sound like a common response, but among his peers, he’s acknowledged to be a world-class super-connector with rarefied expertise.

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Chris Fralic

I tell our founders that there should always be a slide in their board decks that shows the five most likely acquirers of their business and what they’ve done to further those relationships since the last board meeting.