Dan Simpson

Resources come in two forms—assets and capabilities—and it’s important not to confuse them. Understanding assets is not that hard. […] People-based skills and capabilities can be even larger sources of value, but they are much harder to assess. […]

Capabilities are relative, so an external lens is critical. Formal benchmarking is one obvious method. Another is to get honest input on strengths and liabilities from people … [ Read more ]

Dan Simpson

Capabilities are […] the conduit between strategy and execution, and a failure to assess capabilities objectively is often at the root of execution problems. What, in retrospect, is ascribed to poor execution instead has its roots in an unexpectedly large gap between a company’s capabilities and the ones needed to deliver the strategy successfully. This gap exists, in part, because of another mismatch: between the … [ Read more ]

Synthesis, Capabilities, and Overlooked Insights: Next Frontiers for Strategists

The founder of McKinsey’s Strategy Practice, a London Business School professor, and a chief strategist turned professor describe pain points and possibilities for strategists on the leading edge.