Dominic Barton, Dennis Carey, and Ram Charan

The role of the board is often underplayed in discussions around talent. That’s because so many boards focus on strategy and compliance first, and limit talent discussions to the question of CEO succession and executive compensation. But CEOs running a talent-first organization must help the board see that talent is the value creator and therefore belongs at the top of its agenda. The talent-driven CEO … [ Read more ]

The Human Side of M & A: Leveraging the Most Important Factor in Deal Making

While the last few years have witnessed something of a merger mania, close examination reveals that many of these unions fell short of their promise. In The Human Side of M&A: How CEOs Leverage the Most Important Asset in Deal Making, Spencer Stuart consultants Dennis Carey and Dayton Ogden explore that often-neglected consideration of merger making-the human aspect. The authors have devoted their careers to … [ Read more ]