Douglas Conant, Mette Norgaard

The many interactions you have during your day, whether planned or unplanned, have the potential to become a high point or a low point in someone’s day. Each of these small moments is an opportunity to clarify the agenda and to influence the course of events. Each interaction is a chance to transform an ordinary moment into a TouchPoint.

The secret to mastering the … [ Read more ]

TouchPoints: Why the Interruptions That Drive Us Crazy Just Might Be the Most Productive Opportunities We Have Every Day

“Some days it feels like the information age has morphed into the interruption age. But what if those interruptions turned out to be our best opportunity to make a difference in our workplaces?

As leaders, we make choices all day, every day. The “knock on the door” happens over and over again in some form – phone calls, meetings, emails, and text messages with questions to … [ Read more ]

Secrets of Positive Feedback

Have you ever noticed how a pat on the back makes you feel great for days? Sadly, kudos from bosses are all too rare. Over the years, I’ve worked on acknowledging others for their efforts. I’ve managed to marry tough-minded performance standards with tender-heartedness. As I’ve looked back over the more than 30 years that have passed since my career began, I have come to … [ Read more ]