Designing the Corporate Center: How to Turn Strategy into Structure

Complex global corporations are under unrelenting pressure to create value. But no corporate center can add value without an effective parenting strategy, and no strategy can succeed without an organizational design that translates strategy into operational reality. Learn how to turn your corporate center into a value-creation engine.

Flipping the Odds for Successful Reorganization: Organization of the Future: Designed to Win

Rapid change requires companies to reorganize more frequently, more fundamentally, and faster than ever before. But the odds for failure are high. New BCG research has uncovered six critical success factors that can dramatically flip a company’s odds of reorganization success—and help it achieve reorganization’s ultimate purpose: driving competitive advantage.

Organizational Capabilities Matter: Organization of the Future: Designed to Win

Organizational capabilities have a major impact on long-term corporate performance, and none matter more than behavioral aspects. But behavioral attributes can have a high impact only when they’re backed by strong structural capabilities. A new BCG Focus explains what organizations can do to develop the appropriate sets of capabilities.

Editor’s Note: I see many weaknesses in the approach and methodology employed for this study and thus … [ Read more ]

Identity Crisis: What Is the Corporate Center’s Role in a Globalized Business?

In a two-speed world—one speed for slow-growing, mature markets and another for rapidly developing economies—the corporate center must step up to a new role. How can companies find the right balance between autonomy and entrepreneurial drive at the local level and global platforms that drive cost and scale advantages?

The Art of Planning

Given the instability and unpredictability of the new global reality, companies must learn to be as agile and adaptable as possible. In this new era of heightened economic volatility, planning becomes more, rather than less, critical. BCG highlights ten guiding principles for improving effectiveness and efficiency in the planning process.