Hayagreeva “Huggy” Rao

The real problem of scaling excellence is ignorance. What is an excellent organization? One that doesn’t repeat the same mistakes. And when do you repeat mistakes? When the connections inside organizations are weak or atrophied. If people aren’t connecting, your ignorance multiplies.

Matthew Ridgway, Hayagreeva “Huggy” Rao

Matthew Ridgway, U.S. army general in the Korean War, says, “The hard decisions are not the ones you make in the heat of battle.” A lot of people can do that. The hard part is actually sitting in a meeting and speaking your mind about a bad idea that’s going to put thousands of lives in jeopardy — and convincing the decision makers that it’s … [ Read more ]

Bad to Great: The Path to Scaling Up Excellence

Before senior executives try to spread best practices, they should use seven techniques to clear out the negative behavior that stands in the way.

Putting the Customer First

Hayagreeva Rao explains why innovation is about more than just new technology.

Hayagreeva Rao

Many managers rely on deliberate cognition—that is, the ability of the human mind to process and analyze information—and an appeal to reason. By contrast, insurgents realize that audiences rely on automatic cognition, or shortcuts, to make sense of the world. Hence, they use symbols to communicate their point of view.

Hayagreeva Rao and Robert Sutton

Much sociological research suggests that the desire to avoid embarrassment, to maintain an acceptable public image, might be an even more powerful motive for human behavior than financial incentives. Organizations seeking to galvanize people to action—getting them to embrace new ideas or stimulating the personal initiative that often fuels innovation—should take this research…to heart.