At the Court of King Henry

A visit and conversation with Henry Chesbrough on all things open innovation and the challenges of sustaining the open business model.

Henry Chesbrough

Professor Michael Porter’s work was very powerful and influential in the ‘80s and the ‘90s about strategy. It was really a model, you could say, of closed innovation where you figure out what your key strategic assets were and you either went low cost or went for differentiation or you found a niche. You were constantly looking for ways to compete against the other guy. … [ Read more ]

Henry Chesbrough

Companies will increasingly compete on the breadth, depth, and quality of their communities that surround their activities.

Henry Chesbrough

The business model is the predominant way a business creates value for its customers and captures some piece of that value for itself. It is generally accepted that a better business model can often beat a better technology. Yet companies that spend many millions of dollars on R&D seldom invest much money or time in exploring alternative business models to commercialize those … [ Read more ]

Henry Chesbrough

Focus and variety are often at odds with one another. The only way to do both profitably is to open up the business, turning it into a platform for others to work alongside or build on top of.

The Thought Leader Interview: Henry Chesbrough

To escape the commodity trap — and to compete effectively in a knowledge-based economy — business leaders of all kinds need to reinvent themselves as innovators in services.

Open Innovation: The New Imperative for Creating and Profiting from Technology

The great corporate research departments at companies like Bell Labs, IBM and Xerox were once the motor of American industry. But that may be changing, according to this probing academic study of corporate technological innovation. Chesbrough, an assistant professor at the Harvard Business School, argues that the old “closed innovation” model-vertically integrated research-and-development departments that develop technology in-house for the sole use of their corporate … [ Read more ]