The Secret of Innovation

Innovation, both at the project and portfolio level, can be managed better by drawing cash curves of cumulative cash flow. These pictures will cause managers to question their assumptions about various kinds of risks (market, financial, technical, etc.) and consider alternative development models.

Precision Pricing for Profit, Growth, and Advantage

Companies have more power to create value through pricing – including raising prices, even under weak economic and strong competitive conditions – than many realize. Companies that focus their organizations on what we call precision pricing typically boost EBIT margins by three to five points, and sometimes by as much as ten points. Moreover, they score these gains fast. The key is to conduct continuous, … [ Read more ]

Reaping The Rewards Of Innovation

Innovation can be measured in many different ways, but the surest indicator of success is cash payback to your company’s bottomline. There are 4 “S factors” to getting the job done right: startup costs, speed to market, scale to volume, and support costs.

Innovating for Cash

This perspective presents a compelling argument that, when determining the profitability unleashed by an innovation, the process or model of the innovation is every bit as important to consider as the innovation itself. The perspective highlights the need for companies to analyze in a systematic way the potential of all new products to generate cash. The authors review three general models for innovation and make … [ Read more ]

Spurring Innovation Productivity

Most companies urgently need to boost their innovation productivity. However, many lack the discipline to systematically filter their innovative ideas, focus only on the most promising among them, and follow through effectively in developing, launching, and sustaining the resulting products. To isolate the best ideas and drive them to market, managers need to set clear, data-driven targets for innovation, install oversight mechanisms to increase success … [ Read more ]

Globalizing R&D: Building a Pathway to Profits

Global R&D is making headlines but companies’ experiences to date are mixed at best. This article examines why many companies that are already moving are achieving only lukewarm results.