The 6 Best Startup Books to Read Before Starting Your Company

Most of the startup learning curve is a learn-on-the-job endeavor. Nothing replaces the real experience of managing your own company; however there are some lessons that are worth learning ahead of time.

Smart entrepreneurs learn to pick out which teachings should be followed and which should be discarded. This is my common response I send when friends ask for a book list. In fact, I … [ Read more ]

Startup Common Sense

There is something about how to do a startup in 2013 that is 180 degrees different from what an intelligent, thoughtful outside observer will intuitively do using their own common sense.

Business school will cost you five years. Can you afford to wait?

Business school will cost you five years. At least.

If you want to learn normal business school stuff and get a normal business school job at a large company. It may be the right choice for you. If you are going to business school to ‘learn’ entrepreneurship and ‘build your toolbox.’ You’re just lying to yourself. Even if you could … [ Read more ]

Everyone sucks at interviewing. Everyone.

I don’t claim to be good at hiring, but I do have a particular style that I learned from some advisors.

I never actually interview people. Ever.

You Don’t Get Shit You Don’t Ask For

Investors that put money into your company provide a ton of value, both in terms of their capital and all the support/guidance/networking. And what about all those investors that turned you down? They actually can end up providing a lot of value as well, and that’s what this post is about.