Privacy: Can Businesses Build Trust And Exploit Opportunity?

As the opportunities to use personal data for marketing grow, companies search for how to strike the right balance between delivering the service customers want and the privacy they expect.

CRM Migration

A new appreciation for the customer is sweeping across Europe as more of the continent’s businesses invest billions of dollars in CRM software.

Ship It!

Because of its ability to link people around the world, the Internet is causing a global logistics transformation. Moving goods and dealing with customs and tariffs is still hard, but software automation and supply-chain suites are starting to help the process.

Clicks And Handshakes

The Web can be a great place to sell simple, high-volume products. But it’s not so great for selling complex products–and it can be a lousy place to be a salesperson. Salespeople rely on persuasion, experience, and personalized treatment to sell. E-commerce has given sales professionals little opportunity to use those resources, because the dominant sales models have been the catalog and the auction, where … [ Read more ]