Jennifer Reingold

There is most emphatically a Free Agent Nation today. The thing is, not all of the 9.3 million self-employed asked for citizenship: Downsizing turned many of them into refugees. Some of those who left secure, if staid, jobs for the freedom of free agency now find themselves struggling to pay the rent or offering to do the same work for the companies they left–for less … [ Read more ]

Bob Nardelli

He’s a by-the-numbers GE vet–but he has turned massive, unwieldy Home Depot into an innovation machine.

The Liberator

Companies that are stuck in a rut look to Keith Yamashita to find out how to get back on track.

The Most Dangerous Hire

How do you hire a CEO, when you’re not even sure what a CEO does? That’s the query we received from an angst-ridden company founder who had tried and failed — twice — to replace himself. One sleepless night he finally realized he didn’t even know how to write a job description for a replacement CEO. To give guidance to that company builder — and … [ Read more ]

Smart Ways to Land Your Next Gig

The good news: You’ve found a good job in a company that’s built to last. The bad news: Lots of others are jockeying for the same position. Here are strategies to help you stand apart while everyone else is standing around.

Flip Your Competition

Harvard Business School professor David B. Yoffie takes the martial arts into the executive suite. Your rivals will flip over his ideas (if you apply them right).

Battle of the Brands

John Hancock’s outspoken CEO names names and points fingers at some high-profile brand offenders in his new book. He also offers some good advice on not screwing up your own company’s brand.

You Can’t Create a Leader in a Classroom

Professor Henry Mintzberg is one of the world’s most influential teachers of business strategy. Now he’s developing a new lesson plan: to change the very essence of business education itself.