Being Digital: Fast-Forward to the Right Digital Strategy

Digital disrupts business strategy. Finding the right competitive response is complex. Executives must act fast across multiple layers of the business.

There is no one path to becoming a digital leader. Intelligent experimentation— a marathon in sprints—means business leaders need a fundamentally different approach to how strategies are developed and executed.

Growth Strategies for a Digital World

What does it take to be a digital business, and why should companies try to become one? Citing industry profiles and corporate case studies, Accenture observes that truly digital businesses often excel at generating, as well as meeting, demand; developing profitable new products and customer experiences; and maximizing margins.

Giving Global Strategies Local Flavor

We’re undeniably living in the era of globalization, but too often the strategic motivations for going global aren’t matched by operational approaches to meet enterprise needs. Nowhere is this truer than in IT organizations that remain under all of the standard pressures to innovate, deliver value, and contain costs while facing demands to meet various local needs, comply with local regulations and tax codes, and … [ Read more ]