Out of the Classroom and Into the Street

Charting a new course for B-schools and MBAs.

Grand Designs

Few organizations, Tim Brown says, are set up to allow much creative collaboration, and even those are often afflicted by a culture that mishandles the results. “Too many ideas that get through to the market make it there because somebody senior is the one sponsoring them,” he says, “not because they’re necessarily the best ideas.”

Brown, president and CEO of Palo Alto-based IDEO, looks to “design … [ Read more ]

Why Are We in Business?

Ad man Roy Spence wants to know what your purpose is.

Malcolm Gladwell

Gladwell discusses his book, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, which warns that a hunch — the first thing that pops into your head, before you learn all the facts — can be a powerful thing, something to be acknowledged and factored into your decision-making.

Will We All Be Unemployed?

With knowledge-worker jobs heading overseas along with manufacturing and service jobs, managers are worried, too–and should be. We asked leading-edge thinkers to envision the next economy and our place in it.