Top of Mind: How To Risk-Proof A Brand? Watch CNN

By the looks of things, Americans are still not making many friends overseas. According to recent studies, many global brands aren’t having an easy time shaking off their “American-ness” as they aim to win over new audiences, either. How can a brand manager feel protected? Bain’s Alan Colberg and Orit Gadiesh say the answer is to localize.

Making Sense of Executive Pay

What is the right way of aligning executive pay and shareholder value? First, be clear about what really drives a company’s value. Second, link pay to successful strategy execution, as well as to outperforming peers in the stock market.

Getting the price right: The power of strategic intent in deal-making

When no precedent exists to guide analysts in assessing the value of an alliance, the task of justifying a price to shareholders falls to those who lead the deal. A clear, strategic vision, well-articulated and linked to rigorous valuation and informed negotiation, will be a strong predictor of success.

Improving the odds: Six rationales to anchor merger success

Today, mergers have both resurged and reemerged as a master tool of strategy. A transaction’s strategic rationale is ground zero for planning your merger and your foundation for capturing the value that spurred your acquisition.

The User’s Guide to Reengineering

Reengineering requires clear aims and realistic goals if your organisation is to succeed with the process where so many others have failed.

A Strategic Approach

Orit Gadiesh, chairman of Bain & Company, explains how some companies are navigating through today’s economic doldrums by adopting a guiding principle.

The Internet Asset Test

Those companies that succeed in the Internet Age will be the ones that work to apply the Internet to assets to create not merely efficiencies but also new competitive advantage. This article discusses how companies can harness the Internet to make assets more valuable.