Meet the Psychological Needs of Your People—All Your People

Too many employers pay too little heed to the needs of the lower earners in their company. Here’s why—and how—they should shift gears.

Tera Allas, Bill Schaninger

Even though most business schools, executive training courses, and leadership programs espouse servant leadership, few bosses manage to fully commit to it. Perhaps that’s no surprise. In most organizations, the average manager has neither the incentives nor the skills to focus on employee happiness. Consider how most businesses make promotion decisions: people who get ahead tend to be either current high performers or those who … [ Read more ]

Tera Allas, Bill Schaninger

In many ways, there is only one question any manager need ask: How do I make my team members’ lives easier—physically, cognitively, and emotionally?

Tera Allas, Bill Schaninger

It stands to reason that managers would play a crucial role in their employees’ workplace happiness. The wealth of literature on what makes for a good workplace highlights two aspects that line managers directly control: good work organization—that is, providing workers with the context, guidance, tools, and autonomy to minimize frustration and make their jobs meaningful—and psychological safety, which is the absence of interpersonal fear … [ Read more ]

The Boss Factor: Making the World a Better Place Through Workplace Relationships

Businesses looking to make an external social contribution should, paradoxically, look inside: improving workers’ job satisfaction could be the single most important thing they do.

Sizing power

The power companies’ urge to merge probably makes them weaker, not stronger.

New Tools for Negotiators

Business negotiations are filled with dangers and risks. Who are the deal maker’s allies? Who are the enemies? What is the chance that a particular outcome will stick? This article describes readily understood tools to help decision makers in complex multiparty negotiations. Don’t approach the bargaining table without it.