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Most Recent Case Studies

  1. A decade and a half of instability: The history of Google messaging apps

    Sixteen years after the launch of Google Talk, Google messaging is still a mess.

    Editor's Note: This is a very long but fascinating look at how one of the world's most successful companies has completely missed the boat, strategically speaking, over and over again.

  2. How McKinsey Lost Its Way in South Africa
    When the godfather of management consulting landed its biggest contract ever in Africa, it made the worst mistake in its storied nine-decade history.

  3. Tears ‘R’ Us: The World’s Biggest Toy Store Didn’t Have to Die
    An object lesson in financial mismanagement and miscalculation from the fallen Toys “R” Us.

  4. The Strategic Decisions That Caused Nokia’s Failure
    The moves that led to Nokia’s decline paint a cautionary tale for successful firms.

  5. Finance and HR: The Executive Partnership That Transformed a Company
    Six years ago, two executives new to their jobs led the strategic transition that remade McGraw-Hill into S&P Global.

Most Popular Case Studies

  1. Marks and Spencer and Zara: Process Competition in the Textile Apparel Industry
    Marks and Spencer (M&S) has enjoyed an enviable position as a premier super-store and leading provider of high-quality fashion, but the success story seems to be ending as newer entrants like Inditex SA gained position with popular and affordable brands like Zara. What caused the shift? Professor Ludo Van der Heyden, Professor Michael Pich and Nicolas Harle use this recent case study to highlight the … [ Read more ]

  2. Opening the Gate on The Making of the First Nordic B2B Marketplace (A), Building Critical Mass (B1), To Be or
    In early 2000, four of the largest companies in Denmark began to explore an alliance aimed at the New Economy. Within months they designed a business, set strategy, and launched the first Nordic B2B e-marketplace. But they couldn't predict how events would affect their strategies, individually or as a group.

  3. What Went Wrong at Cisco
    The poster company for the new economy not only failed to anticipate the economic downturn, its much-heralded forecasting software and outsourcing infrastructure may have even made things worse.

  4. Launching New Coke
    Were you a member of the "Pepsi Generation"? Or did you believe that "Coke Is It"? In this case study, Professor Markus Christen takes you back to 1985 and the controversial launch of New Coke. After tracing the history of soft drinks in America, he focuses on the rivalry between Coke and Pepsi, and the ultimate recall of New Coke.

  5. Redesigning Nissan (A): Carlos Ghosn Takes Charge, Redesigning Nissan (B): Leading Change, Nissan's U-Turn: 1999-2001
    In 1999, when Renault agreed to throw a financial lifeline to a floundering Nissan, many observers predicted an ugly crash. Yet in just over two years, Nissan was in a sufficiently strong position to be able to return the favour to Renault. This case series explores how that remarkable turnaround was achieved.

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