Julie Zhuo

Hiring is not a problem to be solved but an opportunity to build the future of your organization.

How Companies Benefit When Employees Work Remotely

Letting independent workers choose their locations can boost companies, employees, and even the economy, according to research by Prithwiraj Choudhury and colleagues.

Josh Levs, Amy C. Edmondson

Psychological safety has received significant attention in recent years. Harvard Business School professor Amy C. Edmondson, credited with coining the term, has defined it in these pages as “the belief that the environment is safe for interpersonal risk taking. People feel able to speak up when needed — with relevant ideas, questions, or concerns — without being shut down in a gratuitous way.”

But I’ve found … [ Read more ]

What Really Helps Employees to Improve (It’s not Criticism)

“Some employees have more potential than others.”

“The best employees are well-rounded individuals.”

“People can reliably rate others’ performance.”

It’s safe to say most HR professionals wouldn’t take issue with these basic tenets. But Marcus Buckingham flat-out calls them “lies.”

Adam Bryant, David Reimer

A company’s most powerful cultural signals aren’t communicated by talking points. They’re determined by who gets promoted and who receives outsized rewards. Yet compensation and bonus frameworks in most organizations are still based almost solely upon financial results. In an effort to rule out subjectivity, such plans emphasize — and often focus exclusively on — achieving numerical targets. This oversimplified focus on the what of … [ Read more ]

David Loftesness

At a certain scale, you’re growing so fast that you might have five to 10 or more employees starting in a given week. Take advantage of these new hire cohorts and help them to bond like a freshman class at college. Even without team rotations, they can use these personal connections to learn more about other teams. It’s a particularly effective way to formalize onboarding … [ Read more ]

Moneyball for business: How AI is changing talent management

Fifteen years after Billy Beane disrupted Major League Baseball by applying analytics to scouting, corporations are rewriting the rules of recruiting.

Anne Dwane

The best reference check tip I’ve ever received is to leave voicemails for the references provided by your candidate. If you get a voicemail, which you almost always do, say: “Please call me back if this is an outstanding candidate for a job that requires learning.” If the candidate is outstanding, you’ll get a call back immediately. The reference might even apologize for missing your … [ Read more ]

Anne Dwane

If you only follow one hiring mantra let it be this: Hire people for the way they approach problems. It follows, if you can only ask a reference one question about a candidate, this should be it.

Anne Dwane

We all want to hire people who have successfully done what we need. That’s really rare, though. Just because someone has done something before doesn’t mean they can do it again. It’s not a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is where you can say that experience can be overrated.

Noah Brier

I know there are different schools of thought about onboarding schedules. Generally, we try to over-schedule instead of under-schedule for new employees. In my own personal experience, it’s a weird feeling to show up on the first day and not having any work or idea of what to do. So we fill those days as much as possible.

Charles Handy

I now know that there isn’t [a handbook of so-called management]. Any that you may come across, including one that I wrote myself, will turn out to be practical common sense dressed up with long words to make it seem professional. I would only urge you to remember the three different activities of organizing, leading, and managing, and to apply them appropriately, because I truly … [ Read more ]

Charles Handy

Call someone a human resource and it is only one step further to assume that he or she can be treated like other things, be oiled and fueled, perhaps, but also controlled and even dispensed with when surplus to requirements.

Revealing Leaders’ Blind Spots

There is very little overlap between the management areas leaders think they need to improve and the weaknesses identified by those they lead. Reconciling these differences will improve leaders and their organizations.

Kim Scott

The single most important thing a boss can do is focus on guidance: giving it, receiving it, and encouraging it. Guidance, which is fundamentally just praise and criticism, is usually called “feedback,” but feedback is screechy and makes us want to put our hands over our ears. Guidance is something most of us long for.

Hire a Top Performer Every Time with These Interview Questions

Kristen Hamilton, co-founder and CEO of Koru, has determined that seven characteristics, taken together, best translate into someone killing it at their job. These traits transcend department or career stage, and they apply to entry-level engineers and marketing executives alike. Each of these seven traits is important for just about every hire. As you use them, though, you may find that you weigh them differently … [ Read more ]

Bill Schaninger

We’ve seen one of the interesting challenges is around performance management and a sense of who’s actually successful. How do we know how well they’re doing? When you can count widgets sold or airplane engines sold, you get it. You can look at margin and things like that. But for these more complicated roles, you say, “Well, who’s good?” You get some really squishy answers … [ Read more ]

Bill Schaninger

We make decisions every day about who we hire, how we deploy them, what teams we put them in, what we have them working on. Then we sit in judgment of their performances. Every one of those decisions can be made better with data. Not all those decisions are equally important, so you don’t have to bring it to bear in all of them, but … [ Read more ]

Six Keys to Unlocking Upskilling at Scale

Research suggests that with the right mind-set, technological literacy, and community engagement, you can shepherd your entire workforce into the digital future.