15 Biggest Regrets Of MBA Students

We asked top graduates the following question: “Looking back over your MBA experience, what is the one thing you’d do differently and why?” Wondering what mistakes you should avoid as you begin preparing for business school? From pursuing perfection to skipping case competitions, here are the biggest regrets of the top MBAs from the Class of 2020.

Should You Get An MBA? This Excel-based MBA ROI Calculator Can Help You Decide

Tuition and fees for top programs in the US and abroad continue to rise. For many, paying for school means taking on debt, which can linger for five to ten years or longer. For full-timers, there’s also a huge opportunity cost associated with taking time off from work (usually during prime working years) to pursue an advanced degree.

Unless you’re already an Excel wiz, determining the … [ Read more ]

Why We Should Bulldoze the Business School

There are 13,000 business schools on Earth. That’s 13,000 too many. And I should know – I’ve taught in them for 20 years.

What Business Schools Really Think When You Ask For A Deferral

For some of you, despite having been admitted to one or more schools, you may not feel sure that are ready to matriculate – at least not to those programs. If this sounds familiar, you might be considering asking for a deferral. Here is insight into what business schools really think when you ask for a deferral.

Employers Say MBAs Delusional About Abilities

Jeff Kavanaugh, a managing partner at Infosys and adjunct professor at the University of Texas at Dallas Jindal School of Management, dropped a bombshell on big-headed business students everywhere with the results of a sweeping survey that covered 10,000 recruiters, 3,000 business students, and 500 B-school career center leaders. Kavanaugh found that all three constituencies had very different perceptions of what’s important and where they … [ Read more ]

The Best Age to Go to Business School

To get the best pay out of your MBA, you have to graduate within a narrow age window.

This Is the Unauthorized Letter Passed to Elite MBAs For Decades

A student’s survival guide from the 1980s is still quietly being forwarded to first-year students at some business schools.

Why American B-School Students Can’t Stand Teamwork

Compared with MBA students from other global regions, more Americans say they’d rather not collaborate on projects with peers.

Inside Stanford B-school’s Startup Factory Culture

About 95% of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business’s 809 students opt to take at least one entrepreneurship class. A look at how the school teaches students to start their own businesses.

Wharton Puts First-Year MBA Courses Online for Free

Wharton is now offering four core courses from its highly ranked full-time MBA program on the online learning platform Coursera.

T-Minus 30 Days and Counting: Getting Ready for B-School

The transition from worker bee to MBA student can be challenging. That’s why business schools offer programs and advice over the summer to help newbies maximize the MBA experience. If you’re among the first-year students heading back to school in the fall, here are some ways you can train to sit in a classroom again.

Is B-School Research an Expensive Waste?

Larry Zicklin says B-schools should put less emphasis on research, and students shouldn’t be footing the bill.

MBA Alumni Networks by the Numbers

If you just graduated from business school, it’s time to get to know your MBA alumni network-and you may be surprised what you find.

An MBA Program that Teaches You How to Find a Job

Don’t you wish your university had helped you figure out how to get a job at the same time they were teaching you about finance? College career centers tend to give advice about resume-writing, hold practice interviews and arrange on-campus interviews. These are good things. But one school is doing something better.

Meet the World’s Best B-School Professors

This year’s top teachers have withstood the tests of time, taught through bear and bull markets, and have consistently imparted life-changing lessons to MBA students year after year.

A Shift Towards Entrepreneurship

MBAs are more interested than ever in becoming entrepreneurs. The question is: why?

Entrepreneur Contests Take Practical Turn

Some Schools Shake Up Academic Rite of Passage by Requiring Students to Confront Nuts-and-Bolts Demands of a Start-Up

New Survey Challenges Some Accepted Truths

Why study for an MBA? Which school to choose? And by which criteria? There is no one better qualified to answer these questions than the programme directors of business schools who observe the industry, its trends and its relative competitive advantages. Therefore the English national daily newspaper “The Independent” and Audencia Nantes School of Management in France asked the heads of 58 business schools in … [ Read more ]

Business School Admissions Needs an Overhaul

To diminish the role of admissions consultants, B-schools need to change the application process. For starters, they should downplay essays.