Q&A With Scott Galloway: How Healthy Is The MBA?

P&Q interviews Galloway, discussing everything from the value of the traditional MBA, which programs should be worried, and what he got wrong about the pandemic’s effects on business education.

What MBAs Earn By Industry: Here’s How Much You’re Worth

Pay isn’t the only factor when MBAs choose employers. Location, growth trajectory, and exit prospects also play a part. Admittedly, industry pay is a flawed metric, one dogged by regional pay scales, employer differences, and hiring rates. Taken as a whole, industry pay data is a puzzle piece that enables MBAs to earn more out of the gate and maximize their business school investment long-term. How … [ Read more ]

Awesome MBA Traditions At Top Business Schools

Traditions help define the MBA experience, stirring memories that come first to mind when graduates reflect back on their time in business school. Which traditions meant the most to this year’s MBAs? P&Q posed that question to this year’s Best & Brightest MBAs and MBAs To Watch. From Chicago Booth’s Magnificent Mile Watch Party to football tailgates at Texas McCombs, here are the events that … [ Read more ]

MBA Secrets

A podcast run BY an MBA student FOR MBA students. Get all the MBA Secrets from application to graduation.

15 Biggest Regrets Of MBA Students

We asked top graduates the following question: “Looking back over your MBA experience, what is the one thing you’d do differently and why?” Wondering what mistakes you should avoid as you begin preparing for business school? From pursuing perfection to skipping case competitions, here are the biggest regrets of the top MBAs from the Class of 2020.

Should You Get An MBA? This Excel-based MBA ROI Calculator Can Help You Decide

Tuition and fees for top programs in the US and abroad continue to rise. For many, paying for school means taking on debt, which can linger for five to ten years or longer. For full-timers, there’s also a huge opportunity cost associated with taking time off from work (usually during prime working years) to pursue an advanced degree.

Unless you’re already an Excel wiz, determining the … [ Read more ]

Why We Should Bulldoze the Business School

There are 13,000 business schools on Earth. That’s 13,000 too many. And I should know – I’ve taught in them for 20 years.

What Business Schools Really Think When You Ask For A Deferral

For some of you, despite having been admitted to one or more schools, you may not feel sure that are ready to matriculate – at least not to those programs. If this sounds familiar, you might be considering asking for a deferral. Here is insight into what business schools really think when you ask for a deferral.

Employers Say MBAs Delusional About Abilities

Jeff Kavanaugh, a managing partner at Infosys and adjunct professor at the University of Texas at Dallas Jindal School of Management, dropped a bombshell on big-headed business students everywhere with the results of a sweeping survey that covered 10,000 recruiters, 3,000 business students, and 500 B-school career center leaders. Kavanaugh found that all three constituencies had very different perceptions of what’s important and where they … [ Read more ]

GMAT Ninja Tutoring

The blog of Charles Bibilos, a Denver-based GMAT tutor, GRE tutor, and MBA admissions consultant, with more than 15 years of teaching experience.

In the Country of the MBAs

Your opportunity to distinguish yourself starts with being more willing than other MBA students to learn as you go, and with being more attuned to the high stakes of every decision you make.

Everyone else will be unconsciously following the dictates of some dead economist. In the country of the MBAs, you’ll have to strive to cultivate your judgment and figure out which ideas are worth … [ Read more ]

Compare Reviews for GMAT Prep Courses

ConsumerAffairs lists some of the GMAT test prep course providers, currently including:
– Kaplan Test Prep
– The Princeton Review
– Manhattan Prep
– Veritas Prep
– Sherwood Test Prep
– Next Step Test Preparation
– Testmasters.com
– The Economist GMAT Tutor

Editor’s Note: So-called expert reviews are offered for each, though I personally found them to be little more than condensed marketing material summaries. … [ Read more ]


Smartly bills itself as the fastest way to master everything you’re
expected to know at the start of your MBA. The course curriculum and material was created in collaboration with experts from Harvard and INSEAD and includes microeconomics, accounting, statistics, and finance. Smartly courses face you with real-world examples and problems to cement your understanding of the course material.

Editor’s Note: this service was launched in … [ Read more ]

The Best Age to Go to Business School

To get the best pay out of your MBA, you have to graduate within a narrow age window.

A Global Management Program Made Of MOOCs

Ankit Khandelwal has cobbled together an education in global management for free. For more than two years, from May 2012 to June 2014, the native of the northern Indian state of Rajasthan slogged his way through some 50 online courses, ranging from An Introduction to Operations Management by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School to Global Strategy and Organization by MIT’s OpenCourseWare. He’s also completed … [ Read more ]

This Is the Unauthorized Letter Passed to Elite MBAs For Decades

A student’s survival guide from the 1980s is still quietly being forwarded to first-year students at some business schools.

MBA Essentials: A free online curriculum to learn skills taught in top MBA programs

The MBA is a famously expensive degree. But most of the academic learning you’ll get in an MBA program can now be had through free online resources. SlideRule ran a detailed study of the “core” curricula of some of the world’s top business schools to determine the essential components of an MBA. Then, we curated the best online resources that teach each of those essential … [ Read more ]

Why American B-School Students Can’t Stand Teamwork

Compared with MBA students from other global regions, more Americans say they’d rather not collaborate on projects with peers.

MBA Tips: How to Prepare Harvard Business School Cases

While reading and preparing cases is a significant part of any business school experience, there isn’t always a concrete result to your work. You could easily invest hours preparing a case and have nothing to say about it during the class discussion. It’s because of this ambiguous return on investment that many people choose not to read the scheduled case before a class … [ Read more ]