Harvard Begins Case Study as Tainted MBAs Reveal Damaged Brand

Harvard Business School, stung by criticism that it hasn’t prepared alumni to cope with the economic meltdown, will dissect its performance using a practice it employs to examine corporations in crisis.

MBA Students Say Businesses Should Address Green and Social Issues

The vast majority of business school students think the private sector should be using its position to address environmental and social issues.

Unfortunately, less than a third believe this is actually happening, according to a new survey from Net Impact and the Aspen Institute Center for Business Education.

Women Shattering B-Schools’ Glass Ceiling

Once almost solely the province of men, the offices of business school dean are increasingly held by women.

MBA Writing Tips

At some business schools, good writing is on the curriculum.

Harvard Business School Discusses Future of the MBA

The MBA industry is in turmoil. Many business schools are revisiting their offerings to see if they still have relevance in the 21st century. And HBS is using its centennial year to convene worldwide experts on business education and plot its directions for the next 100 years.

MBA MakeOver

When the Carnegie and Ford Foundations unveiled their scathing critiques in 1959 of what was then the modern MBA degree, they made a serious impression on their intended audience. The top business schools scrambled to make the suggested changes in an effort to earn back a little respect from both businesses and critics at large.

While there has not been another formal report since the 1950s, … [ Read more ]

How B-Schools Catch Résumé Liars

With résumé puffing almost a national sport, business schools keep a sharp eye for inventive applicants.

Orientation Is Getting Longer

At many MBA programs, what used to be a brief meet-and-greet period is now an education in itself.

The Spread of Specialized MBA Programs

More B-schools are setting up concentrations in investment management, arts administration, real estate, biosciences, and other fields.

Internet Gives M.B.A. Schools Global Reach

Business schools are moving quickly to harness the power of cyberspace chats to tap students from around the world. Many M.B.A programs are setting up their own social-networking sites and blogs, making it easy for prospective applicants to contact both current students and graduates.

China: Why Western B-Schools Are Leaving

Red tape, difficult partners, and weak demand have Western universities closing executive MBA programs.

Accelerated MBAs Are Gaining Ground

One-year B-school programs, a mainstay in Europe, are getting a second look in the U.S.

The Do-Good Disconnect

More MBA students are interested in social responsibility, but a well-paying job is more important, according to a new study.

Chinese B-Schools Lift their Game

As the schools’ reputations improve, more local students are choosing to study at home rather than earn degrees abroad.

Talking Your Way In

In a new approach, B-schools dispense with the essay—and the painful wait—and give fast answers in one-day admissions programs.

Virtual Workplaces in the Classroom

Computer simulations got their start in the game aisle. Now these online programs are an important part of MBA programs.

The Case Against Case Studies

How Columbia’s B-school is teaching MBAs to make decisions based on incomplete data

Student Funds Get Responsible

A new breed of student-run investment funds looks for social returns along with dividends.

Early Gains for Early Learners

Does more work experience equal better MBA students? Rochester officials say their program for less experienced students shows it isn’t necessarily so.

How Students From Abroad Are Learning to Talk the Talk

Business schools are expanding programs to help foreign M.B.A. students prepare for careers in the U.S.