Employee Motivation, the Organizational Environment and Productivity

This collection of articles is intended as a guide for managers, supervisors and students. The concept is to bring together a collection of resources that describe and comment on key variables in the organizational environment that relate to employees. The intention is to provide a resource-set on how such variables can be viewed and approached in terms of improving those business processes that are impacted on or by employees.

In other words, this set of resources is intended to assist in improving labor productivity with and through employees.

Section 1 gives a contemporary historical perspective on the concept of productivity. Section 2 deals with the constant need to improve productivity and can best be summed up by saying employees need to be paid fairly, their workplaces ideally resourced and suited to their needs and the needs of the business and they should be appropriately managed (or more appropriately, lead.)

Following on, an exploration of the three approaches to improving productivity is offered. These are, the application of scientific management principles, financial management control and the application of human relations principles.

An extensive exploration of employee motivation is given, with explanations of some key theorists and their theories and a practical guide to the application of motivation principles in the workplace. Allied to this resource, is an exploration of financial motivation or payment by results.

A non-technical appreciation of job design and work organization is given to clarify and systemize the process.

The services offered by a modern HR department are explored and clarified, together with a diagnostic check list to help identify critical human resource issues.

An article giving a practical overview of ergonomics is offered. The principle of fitting the job to the person is all too often neglected and as well as the overview, checklists are included in the article. The checklists provide a valuable means of conducting a quick audit of your workplace in order to reduce fatigue, reduce work content, improve health and safety, improve efficiency and at the same time improve employee motivation (the ‘Hawthorne effect’.)

Finally, the role and importance of good business communication is explored.

Editor’s Note: an excellent collection of material – a bit academic at points, but useful nonetheless; but be warned, it is a very lengthy read…

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