Hire Better Managers: 35 Interview Questions for Assessing a Candidate

Spotting folks who can become high-impact leaders at your company is exceptionally challenging in an interview setting. While you can probe IC skills with a coding test or other function-specific take-home projects, unraveling all the nuances that go into managing people can be incredibly tricky — especially with just a narrow sliver of time with each candidate.

So when sitting down with management candidates, interviewers tend to resort to the same ho-hum questions that barely scratch the surface. Think, “How do you describe your management style?” or “How do you motivate your team?” Any candidate who’s put the bare minimum prep work in before interviewing will have a perfectly prepped answer at the ready for these basic questions.

Given the high-stakes nature of every hire, we’ve found that interview chops are always in need of sharpening. So we put out a call to some of the sharpest folks in our network for their best interview questions for management positions and assembled their responses into a new can’t-miss guide for hiring managers. We’ve broken the list down into a few targeted categories, segmented by some of the most critical management traits. We hope at least a few of them make their way onto your own list of favorites.

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