How to Become CEO: The Rules for Rising to the Top of Any Organization

Most books about career advancement are either weighty examinations about success in the workplace or flippant, humorous takes on surviving the countless inanities of modern work life. Jeffrey Fox’s book is neither. Instead, Fox presents 75 commonsense rules about successfully conducting your career.

Rules like “Know Everybody by Their First Name” and “No Goals No Glory” may seem obvious; others, such as “Don’t Take Work Home from the Office” or “Don’t Have a Drink with the Gang” may not. Each is accompanied by a page or two of succinct and thought-provoking explanation. For example, for rule 27, “Don’t Hide an Elephant,” Fox writes, “Big problems always surface. If they have been hidden, even unintentionally, the negative fallout is always worse. The ‘hiders’ always get burned, regardless of complicity. The ‘discoverers’ always are safe, regardless of complicity.” Wise and to the point, How to Become CEO will help just about anybody’s career, whether you want to become CEO or not. –Harry C. Edwards

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