Inclusion Isn’t Just Nice. It’s Necessary.

Improving employees’ experience of inclusion in the workplace is one of the most actionable levers companies have to attract and retain talent. When done right, inclusion can slash attrition risk in half.

In today’s fiercely competitive environment, inclusion is akin to a hidden superpower, so why do so few companies view it as a business necessity? The answer is simple: workplace inclusion is hard to define, measure, and influence.

This problem can be solved. To do so, BCG built the BLISS (Bias-Free, Leadership, Inclusion, Safety, and Support) Index, a comprehensive, statistically rigorous tool that identifies the factors that influence feelings of inclusion in the workplace—and meaningfully correlate with retention.

BCG’s BLISS Index shows for the first time that the felt experience of inclusion is not only quantifiable but highly actionable.

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