Konosuke Matsushita

Perhaps one of the reasons for Matsushita Electric’s success is that I made it a rule as leader of the company to note the strong points of my employees and try to accept their weak points. Of course, since I concentrated so much on their strong points, I sometimes put a person without the necessary abilities in an important post, and this sometimes led to failure. Still, I was ready to accept such failures, for I would rather blunder into mistakes because I believed in the abilities of people than from being constantly wary of their weaknesses. If you become too preoccupied with people’s inadequacies, you cannot get them to work for you without constant anxiety about whether they will fail you or make a grave error. This not only causes immense mental strain; it can also rob your management of boldness and courage, and the business will not grow as you would like it to.

The rule that strong points should be given greater weight than weak points must also be observed by workers vis-à-vis their superiors. If they are ready to respect the strengths of their boss and make up for his weaknesses and inadequacies, they will make excellent workers and reliable cohorts.

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