Lacy Edwards

Lacy Edwards has been in the software industry almost since there was a software industry. He put himself through college by working as a computer programmer after a stint in the Marine Corps, and spent five years at IBM where he was an award-winning sales executive. Since then he has served as CEO of three new companies, building them to the point where they did an IPO or were bought by another firm, rewarding his investors quite handsomely. He is now the CEO of Evoke Software, his fourth entrepreneurial venture. Evoke Software is the leading provider of data profiling software. . Along the way he was recognized by Insider Magazine as their CEO of the Year for 1988, and in 2000 by the Harvard Business Club of New York as one of ten “Entrepreneurs of the Year.” He began his entrepreneurial activities at age 16 and still obviously thrives on the challenge. Mr. Edwards recently spoke to an alumni group from the Graziadio School about entrepreneurship and venture capital. Professor Chuck Morrissey follows up on some of the themes raised there in the following interview.

Editor’s Note: this interview mostly touches on various entrepreneurship themes and thus is interesting apart from the individual or industry…

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