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Most Recent Online Resources

  1. All the Public Startup Pitch Decks in One Place
    Andy Sparks and Joshua Levy have assembled a list of reference pitch decks for founders to view when building their own. Some notable inclusions: YouTube, LinkedIn, Mint, BuzzFeed, AirBnB, Tinder, Foursquare, Moz, and Buffer.

  2. Autopsy
    Autopsy is a collection of lessons from failed startups. Reading through some of them will probably be of value for any entrepreneur.

    Public speaking is a huge fear for many people. teaches you the basics for free, with simple do’s and don’ts to ease your mind and craft an engaging speech. Developer and startup advisor Zach Holman designed the site as a crash course in the art of public speaking. There are five basic sections:

    1. How to plan your task
    2. Design and build your slides
    3. Prep or the big
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  4. re:Work
    Google has launched what it calls a "curated platform" on the Web for sharing management ideas—both its own and those of other companies. The site features research-backed examples of how Google approaches things like hiring and anti-bias training, providing free public tools such as slide decks and checklists that the company uses internally. The site will also feature other companies: case studies of employers like … [ Read more ]

  5. Smartly
    Smartly bills itself as the fastest way to master everything you’re expected to know at the start of your MBA. The course curriculum and material was created in collaboration with experts from Harvard and INSEAD and includes microeconomics, accounting, statistics, and finance. Smartly courses face you with real-world examples and problems to cement your understanding of the course material.Editor's Note: this service was launched in … [ Read more ]

Most Popular Online Resources

  1. Knowledge@Wharton
    a bi-weekly resource offering the latest business insights, information and research from a variety of sources; focused on knowledge as a source of competitive advantage

  2. Guide to Case Analysis
    This excellent guide from Otterbein College provides an overview of the case method. It begins with a discussion of the role that cases play in the teaching/learning process. This is followed by a series of guidelines for case analysis. After carefully reading this material, you should be prepared to tackle your first case analysis. Even if you have had previous experience with cases, this guide … [ Read more ]

  3. Wharton Center for Leadership and Change Management
    An independently managed web site of the Wharton School dedicated to building basic and practical understanding of leadership and change

  4. Financial Management Training Center
    This excellent site offers 10 (and counting) free, online courses on financial mgmt. Each lesson -- on topics incl. Evaluating Financial Performance, Capital Budgeting Analysis, Managing Cash Flow & Risk, and Strategic Planning -- is available for download in three formats: .pdf, Word, or as a self-extracting file and should take about two hours to complete. Users may also choose to receive training through one … [ Read more ]

  5. Management Tools & Techniques
    In 1993 Bain & Company launched a multi-year research project into the usage and satisfaction levels of management tools and techniques. This site provides selected results from that study and offers a concise introduction & explanation of the various tools, incl. a description, related topics, methodology, common uses and reference materials. Items covered include: - Activity-Based Management - Balanced Scorecard - Benchmarking - Core … [ Read more ]

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