The Essential ERP – It’s Genesis and Future

Incredibly informative article on the history of ERP and an anlysis of the future; includes a glossary

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Ways of Doing Business

B-to-B ecommerce is dominated by basic models (forward auctions, reverse auctions, Internet exchanges). Here’s how they work.

The ABCs of E-Business

E-transformation is forcing IT and business managers to relearn the roles

Revenge of the Giants

With the help of VCs, corporate goliaths are fighting to reclaim Internet real estate; five examples are presented

Usability On The Web Isn’t A Luxury

On the Internet, it’s survival of the easiest…it’s cheaper to increase the design budget than the ad budget

The Golden Spike

The Internet is most analogous to the railroad revolution more than a century ago.

eCommerce-the site: Are you making your customers stick?

When the competition is only a click away, the key to success in eCommerce is to seize your customer’s attention-and hold on to it. Here are four proven tactics for making your Web site sticky and keeping customers coming back for more.

1999 Products Of The Year

This year’s top offerings have helped make the Internet the great enabler of business processes


the fast track to becoming an e-business; it’s no longer a question of Whether, but How–and the best Web models are emerging

E-Business 100

The leaders of E-Business: Innovative users of the Internet take charge of the new economy

Technology Notes – Executive View

Series of useful articles such as: getting strategic & financial planning in same bailiwick; vendor negotiation strategies; deriving value from vendor references; etc.

Can’t a dot-com get a loan?

discusses the issues involved with Internet companies securing debt

Portals Pump Up Mom and Pop

a discussion of new portals targeted at small businesses; discusses 3 types: (1) free e-commerce providers, (2) ‘how to’ and ‘where to’ sites, (3) purchasing sites

9 Ways to Win on the Web

An article with a calculator tool to compare your company’s costs with average industry costs

10 Questions on E-Commerce

There does seem to be a lot of confusion surrounding e-commerce. To help clear up matters, we’ve asked–and answered–ten key questions about e-commerce

Let’s Do Launch

Esther Dyson, Guy Kawasaki, J. Neil Weintraut, and others spell out what it takes to fly.

What Every CEO Needs to Know About E-Business

Here’s the straight dope: There’s no turning back from the Internet Age. And that doesn’t mean E-mail or Web browsers or a Web site. It means transforming your company into a full-fledged E-business. It means reengineering and throwing out the old busines