Mapping IT Resources for Successful Implementations

Information Technologies (IT) are the central nervous system of today’s enterprise. At the same time, implementation of increasingly complex and interdependent IT systems results in a high rate of project failures and underperforming assets. In order to address this challenge, organizations need to adopt a dynamic, streamlined framework for IT implementation that is complementary with the formalized and rigid software development methodologies already in use. … [ Read more ]

Master these 10 processes to sharpen your project management skills

The bigger and more complex a project gets, the more you need formal processes and techniques to effectively manage the work. This article explains the purpose, value, and implementation of the most critical aspects of successfully managing a project.

Project Failure-The Numbers, Why, and What It Means

Information technology (IT) projects fail regularly-considerably missing expectations, drastically overrunning budgets, significantly missing their deadlines, and far too often having to be abandoned entirely. Research shows us that this is the rule, not the exception. Research also tells us why. What is the impact of failure on enterprises, IT professionals and software and services providers? Does it have to be this way?

Enacting Strategy Through Projects: An Archetypal Approach

In this paper, the authors advocate that a configuration perspective is needed to capture different kinds of project/programme governance approaches. The basic assumption being that different situations involve different environments and different characteristics and that project management governance cannot be taken out of context. Understanding these situations and contexts, and adapting decision-making and learning systems accordingly, is crucial. The underlying assumptions that have guided the … [ Read more ]

Project Management for Working Managers

This series of articles – or ‘units’ – will not deal with all the complexities of big time project management. Instead, it will cover the sort of projects which all managers have to deal with on a regular basis within the framework of a business whose primary aims are not project based.

But in doing so, it will cover the management principles which govern all … [ Read more ]

Incorporating the Balanced Scorecard Methodology into Project Management Processes

This paper describes a three-phased approach to the development of a comprehensive project based performance framework. It presents and discusses in some detail a project based strategy map, a set of KPI and project initiatives. It identifies the points of interface between BSC and C/SCS and discusses the project governance issues that must be addressed by the project team. A comprehensive approach to project management … [ Read more ]

Managing the Project Portfolio

This article discusses why it is essential to manage project investments in a proactive, disciplined manner, explores the notion of a “project,” and provides an overview of what project portfolio management entails.

Adjusting Project Management Techniques to Uncertainty

This article argues that critical path thinking (CPM, PERT, Gantt chart) is not appropriate where project goals are poorly defined. Contingency thinking is better.

Top 10 Reasons For Having A Project Kickoff

You are about to embark on an important project. It is a good idea to hold a project kickoff meeting. Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to get across important communications and establish the tone for the project. This article discusses the 10 objectives of a project kickoff meeting, how to achieve them, and templates for presenting them. In Part I, the first three reasons are … [ Read more ]

Project ROI

The discipline of project management is dedicated to improving the odds that every undertaking is completed within a set time frame and budget and that it achieves an acceptable level of quality. Project managers must know how to apply the right balance of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to the myriad activities required to reach the specified goals. However, many companies do not give project … [ Read more ]

Back to Basics

Today, the paradox of systems development and management is that as the business and technology environments become more complex, delivery methods must become simpler. This fundamental approach to methodology is essential for success.

When Projects Don’t Happen or Stakeholder Analysis Meets Pareto Principle

So, you’ve spent six months on a project. You’ve developed it perfectly. It’s neat, clearly labelled, signed off. It looks great on paper. So why isn’t anything happening? Get together half a dozen or so colleagues and run this simple exercise.

Spending A Dollar To Get A Dime?

To achieve real value from your business-technology projects, try out a benefits-realization process.

The Project Management Advantage

The right project management software and business processes enable companies to prioritize resources and gain competitive advantage.

The Wow Project

In the new economy, all work is project work. And you are your projects! Here’s how to make them all go Wow!

Editor’s Note: despite the reference to the New economy and the fact that this was written in 1999, there is some good tidbits in this article of lasting value.

Use WBS Templates to Speed Up Project Plan Creation

By using Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) templates, you can dramatically reduce the time it takes to create project plans and improve the quality of the projects.

IT Projects Under A Microscope

Companies can’t make the right decisions about which projects to green-light, expand, downsize, or cut unless they’ve put in place good processes to keep track of exactly how much they’ve invested in various deployments, how those installations are progressing, and how closely they track with strategic business goals…Portfolio-management software provides data and reports that help executives make smarter decisions.

Consider these lessons when managing dispersed project teams

You have a tough enough time managing on-site teams. Scatter team members among locations, and it becomes even harder. One IT consultant shares the lessons he learned on the way to success.

A primer on projects, programs, and portfolios

This very basic article attempts to explain the difference between projects, programs, and portfolios. Useful for the uninitiated but otherwise can be skipped.

A New Team Development Model

A look at 7 points to consider in setting the stage for effective team-work as outlined originally by Organization Development pioneer Richard Beckard.