Not Quite As Per The Plan: Impact of Uncertainty on Project Management

It is common for projects to miss budgets, schedules and opportunities, in spite of the heroic efforts of the project manager to keep things on track. There is a need for the project management tool-kit to expand beyond task management. Professors Arnoud De Meyer, Christoph Loch and Michael Pich classify the associated and often-neglected uncertainty, and they suggest alternative techniques for project management, depending on … [ Read more ]

Project Management – Getting Started With Your Lights On!

Project management skills and project membership skills are becoming increasingly valued as work involves change, new initiatives, and a series of projects to add value for internal and external customers. Here is a checklist to ‘sharpen the saw’ for effective project management.

Extreme Analysis for Extreme Project Management

Extreme Analysis for Extreme Project Management is a collection of three original theories, Pretense Irony, Expectation Escalation, and Risk Equalizer. Based on the ‘polishing of the common sense’ model, it builds on the management best practices of corporate America, and takes the Project Management practice that one step above in the evolutionary scale.

How does the waterfall development methodology play in the enterprise?

Sure, you’ve heard of the waterfall development methodology and have probably used it (whether you knew it or not). But how is it used at the enterprise level? Here’s a look at the process, typical deliverables, and what to expect from each step.

Rethinking collaboration and internal communication

Collaboration is changing rapidly, bringing people, applications, processes and information together in a new environment where fences no longer exist. Business processes, architecture and application integration, communication, and knowledge management are critical factors that must be addressed now.

Using the Web for Project Collaboration

Consultants who form virtual project teams know that communication and coordination are two major challenges when team members are dispersed. Rick Freedman reviews two Web-based project collaboration tools (OnProject and ERoom) that can help make virtual projects a reality.

Looking for new methods to manage an IT project? Grab a hammer

This article looks at the management approach used in two different types of projects:
An IT project for an automotive parts manufacturer and a construction project for the same automotive parts manufacturer. The author argues that there are real-world tactics from the construction side that can be applied to the management of an internal IT project and that by comparing these projects, it’s clear … [ Read more ]

Do You Know How to Evaluate Your Strategic Technology Provider?

Project teams constantly face a barrage of new products and technologies, and have a difficult time differentiating marketing slides and grand promises from deliverable products when making strategic IT acquisitions. The solution is to create a structured, repeatable process for evaluating technology solutions and the vendors that provide them.