Reality Programming for MBAs

Practically speaking, it’s time to rethink core concepts of management education.

What’s an MBA Really Worth?

It will cost more than $100,000 to earn a degree at an elite business school. Just one problem: There’s little real evidence that it will enhance your career.

MBA Application Trends Survey

The Application Trends Survey is an informal annual survey designed to take a snapshot of the demand for management education by comparing changes in application volume. Year over year comparisons for women and international applicants are analyzed. In addition, industry trends-e.g., electronic application use and changes in class size-are also tracked.

This information has allowed GMAC and business schools to monitor the demand for graduate … [ Read more ]

MBA Perspectives: Career Decisions

Graduate Management Admission Council conducted its first survey of graduating MBAs during March and April of 2000-the GLOBAL MBA SURVEYSM. Survey respondents were asked to provide permanent email addresses if interested in participating in follow-up research. Seventy-seven percent of them did so. On September 1, 2001, GMAC launched its first survey of this group-MBA Perspectives: Career Decisions.

They answered questions on the following topics:
– Satisfaction … [ Read more ]

Corporate Recruiters Survey 2002

In January 2002, the Graduate Management Admission Council® (GMAC) conducted a survey of the opinions, values, and expectations of corporate representatives who recruited MBAs during the past year. The goal was to collect systematically a factual set of information from a representative sample of these important “customers” of the MBA degree. The online survey questionnaire asked corporate respondents topical questions about their actual and estimated … [ Read more ]

The Annual Global MBA Survey

The Graduate Management Admission Council conducts a survey of the attitudes, values, and expectations of the graduating MBA class annually in order to collect systematically factual information from a representative sample of this important group.

Inside the B-school Interview

If you want admissions officers hanging on your every word rather than sneak-checking their watches, take a look at this Jungle guide.

Admissions: Admit One

Getting into an MBA program is no easy task these days. Check out our tips on where, when, and how to apply for your ticket to the best B-school for you.

Ace the GMAT

Experts say that acing the GMAT doesn’t guarantee you’ll get into business school, but a low score can definitely keep you out. So how can you make sure you’re in the running? Check out our GMAT cheat sheet to learn how to tame the test.

Hunting for Money: A Guide to Financial Aid

Add an MBA to your resumé, and your earning potential can skyrocket. But a B-school education doesn’t come cheap. Find out how to get yourself the right financial aid package so you don’t start off your new career saddled with debt.

Conquering Cold Calls: When Professors Attack

Your response to a classroom cold call can make your reputation—one way or the other. Here’s how to shine when the spotlight’s on you.

Studying Abroad: Getting an MBA Overseas

With so many business schools in the U.S., why are some American students choosing to pursue their degrees at foreign institutions?

The Best M.B.A. For The Buck

Is a business school degree worth the considerable investment of your time and money? Forbes’ rankings show which schools–elite, regional and international–offer the best return on your investment.

Tales from the Admissions Crypt

B-school candidates often beg, wheedle, and humiliate themselves to secure a position in the class. But it needn’t be so, say admissions officers at some of the nation’s top schools. Less is usually more. Often much more.

Learning and Change – Roger Martin

Aticle looks at Roger Martin, co-founder of Monitor Co. and new Dean at the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto and his attempts to change the way MBAs are taught, focusing on integrative learning.

Extreme Networking: MBAs Show the Way

And you think you know how to work a crowd? Incoming B-school students from Harvard to Stanford use Web-based communities to get to know each other, to make group deals for cell phones, and to launch business plans — before they attend their first class!

The Top Business Schools – Career Journal

Career Journal of the _Wall Street Journal_ presents the results of its two-year long survey of corporate recruiters’ ratings of MBA programs from around the world. According to their survey, three smaller B-schools, Dartmouth’s Tuck School, Carnegie Mellon University’s Graduate School of Industrial Administration, and Yale University’s School of Management, were rated the top three, displacing the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, and Harvard. In a … [ Read more ]

MBA Journals

Business Week asked 12 B-school students — six new ones for the 1999-2000 school year, added to the six who participated last year — to write accounts of their B-school experiences.

Too Cool For School?

After years of loathing M.B.A. programs, here’s why today’s savvy entrepreneurs are now seeking these degrees.