100 Awesome Blogs for Your Business Education

Whether you’re in business school or are just learning the ropes by trial and error, getting a little extra help and insight into the business world can be a great help in your success. The web can be a great, inexpensive way to do that, allowing business professionals present and future to learn and get advice from those with experience and expertise in the field. … [ Read more ]

The Technology Entrepreneur’s Guidebook

A business guide for entrepreneurs. Contents include:
– Entrepreneurship
– A Sensible Approach to Writing a Good Business Plan
– Raising Venture Capital
– Accounting Policies and Procedures for Early Stage Companies
– Legal Issues for Early Stage Entrepreneurs
– Managing Explosive Growth in Technology Companies
– Choosing an Exit Strategy

Editor’s Note: some info is basic, some is quite thorough; the accounting info … [ Read more ]

Setting Your Sites on Global Data

Current global economic data is available to anyone, anytime. But there are millions of pages on the Web, so finding the best data to further business decisions can be daunting. Here are some sites that offer high-value information and some guidelines for searching.

Computer Documentation Library: On-Line Software Tutorials

This is a fantastic little directory of links to tutorials for computer software. Includes FrontPage, GroupWise (e-mail and calendaring), Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word), Windows and Macintosh operating systems, Microsoft Publisher, statistical software, Dreamweaver, Lotus 1-2-3, PageMaker, PalmPilot, Pegasus (e-mail), Photoshop, UNIX, and WordPerfect. There are also links to a few other directories and sources of tutorials. From the Department of Training and Documentation … [ Read more ]

Free Monitor for Google

Google Monitor is a cool, free application created by a small software company that lets you find and track the ranking of your site, or any URL, in Google’s search results. Simply enter the URL of choice and the keyword(s) into the application, and you will then be served with the top ranking sites by that keyword and your position.

The real benefit of this simple … [ Read more ]

Bruce Clay’s Search Engine Relationship Chart

There is no easier way to visualize the convoluted relationships between the search engines and instantly understand how it all works. Simply spending a few moments with the chart (which is faithfully updated whenever there’s a relationship switch) helps the most inexperienced newbie grasp how the search engines feed each other. And, for more experienced SEOers, it’s a great “cheat sheet” when a client is … [ Read more ]

Tools for Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Using the Internet can save you money and time when doing preliminary research on patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Here are some resources to consider.

When Image is Everything

Want to know where to go for images, how to find and download them, and the copyright issues involved? Then focus in on this descriptive article by Nick Tomaiuolo and you’ll get the picture!


This site offers free study guides and full texts of selected books. The site appears focused on high school and college liberal arts students and the closest to an MBA topic offered is Economics. Still, if you enjoy learning or want some refresher for prior learning long forgotten, this site might be worth a look.