Inventory Best Practices

Okay, so you implemented best practices for your inventory management system only to realize they didn’t work as hoped. Rest assured: best practice implementations can fail despite good intentions. The fact is that not all best practices are “one size fits all”—you’ll need flexibility to implement them in your unique environment.

Drawing on his consulting experience at Ernst & Young, author Steven Bragg breaks down inventory … [ Read more ]

The Ultimate Six Sigma: Beyond Quality Excellence

Six Sigma started as a revolutionary quality tool at Motorola, gained fame as a powerful driver of cost savings at GE, and has spawned an entire industry of publications and consultants, many peddling a watered-down version of the original Motorola Six Sigma process.

Now, Keki Bhote, one of the founders of Six Sigma, taps into the rigors and rewards of this breakthrough process–but moves it beyond … [ Read more ]

Gemba Kaizen: A Commonsense, Low-Cost Approach to Management

When it comes to making your business more profitable and successful, don’t look to re-engineering for answers. A better way is to apply the concept of kaizen, which means making simple, common-sense improvements and refinements to critical business processes.The result: greater productivity, quality, and profits achieved with minimal cost, time, and effort invested. In this book, you discover how to maximize the results of kaizen … [ Read more ]

The Machine That Changed the World : The Story of Lean Production

When The Machine That Changed the World was first published in 1990, Toyota was half the size of General Motors. Today Toyota is passing GM as the world’s largest auto maker and is the most consistently successful global enterprise of the past fifty years. This management classic was the first book to reveal Toyota’s lean production system that is the basis for its enduring success.

Now … [ Read more ]

The Deming Management Method

Whether you’re the owner of your own small business, a middle manager in a mid-sized company, or the CEO of a multinational corporation, this book can show you how to improve your profits and productivity.

From Baldrige to the Bottom Line: A Road Map for Organizational Change and Improvement

It’s one of the best-kept secrets of the corporate world: for years, leading companies have been quietly using the Baldrige framework – not just to apply for this prestigious award – but to improve their bottom line results. Companies such as IBM, FedEx, and Xerox have been using Baldrige to conduct organizational assessment as a way of driving their improvement efforts. And pioneering organizations in … [ Read more ]

Business Process Modeling, Simulation, and Design

A focus on business processes, as well as manufacturing processes and general OM problems, plus an emphasis on simulation modeling using a state of the art commercial simulation software make this a unique, standout volume in the area of operations management. The volume blends traditional qualitative issues, operations management and discrete event simulation by taking an analytical modeling perspective on process design and emphasizing the … [ Read more ]

The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World’s Greatest Manufacturer

Toyota pioneered the idea of “lean production,” and Liker, a professor of industrial and operations engineering at the University of Michigan, does an admirable job of analyzing this seemingly simple but in fact complex and difficult-to-achieve lean production concept, which is rooted in a ruthless obsession to clear out waste. Liker clarifies Toyota’s 14 principles (many of which will be familiar to readers) by placing … [ Read more ]

World Class Manufacturing: The Lessons of Simplicity Applied

In World Class Manufacturing, Schonberger tells the success stories of nearly 100 American corporations — including Hewlett-Packard, Harley-Davidson, General Motors, Honeywell, and Uniroyal — that have adopted the famed just-in-time production and “total quality control” strategies. Based on his firsthand experience as a major consultant to American industry, he examines how they did it — and illustrates how the same concrete, specific steps used by … [ Read more ]

Managing the Supply Chain: The Definitive Guide for the Business Professional

Supply chain management is a key capability for any company needing to cut manufacturing costs via a well-planned logistics strategy. The authors share their academic and professional experience to help readers understand recent supply chain successes and challenges with such contemporary and cutting-edge examples as Wal-Mart and Dell. The chapters are presented in basic topic areas including network planning, product design, customer value, information technology, … [ Read more ]

Outsourcing for Radical Change: A Bold Approach to Enterprise Transformation

For years, companies have outsourced service functions like IT and facilities management with an eye toward streamlining overall corporate efficiency. But a new model — transformational outsourcing — can make big changes happen quickly throughout the organization by outsourcing not just support areas but core business functions. Based on a major Accenture study, Outsourcing for Radical Change offers a refreshingly candid look at amazing successes … [ Read more ]

Business Process Outsourcing: Process, Strategies and Contracts

Many corporations are restructuring their business processes in order to become more competitive and cost effective. Once the decision has been made to outsource, a corporation must structure the deal. This book shows you how to request proposals and negotiate and close the agreement-creating the best outsourcing strategy for your business.

Supply Chain Excellence: A Handbook for Dramatic Improvement Using the SCOR Model

Consultant Bolstorff and journalist Rosenbaum deliver a hands-on, project-by-project guide to building a world-class supply-chain. Using a fictional company, they describe a seventeen-week effort that traverses and illustrates the five-phase project approach based on the Supply-Chain Council’s Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) methodology.

The Power of Design for Six Sigma

In this short fictionalized business tale, Chowdhury effectively introduces the theory and practice of Design For Six Sigma (DFSS), a quality tool that extends Six Sigma thinking to the design of products and processes. It describes a five stage DFSS process – IDDOV: Identify and Define the opportunity, Develop the concept, Optimize the design, and Verify the optimized design.

Switched-On Quality

Consultant Guaspari’s newest book is a readable reassessment of quality. In a good-natured presentation that mixes stories with advice and practical lessons, he connects quality to the business objectives of value creation and moneymaking, and explains how to build the organization-wide support needed to raise quality levels.