Relocation Mall

Comprehensive listings of relocation specialists (e.g. apartment locators, moving companies, auto movers, temporary housing, etc.)

Rent and Move

Find rentals, roommates, vacation homes. List your own vacancy. Find resources: moving center, find a mover, self storage, home search, finance center, etc.

RPS Relocation Resource

Lots of information in the following broad topics: Relocation Services, Tools & Information, Forums & Resources.

Best Places to Live in America

The now-famous Annual list of the 300 top cities to live in from Money Magazine.

Relocation Crime Lab

This interesting feature found on has crime indexes for thousands of U.S. and Canadian cities.’s mission is to provide an Internet site which will cater to those planning a move.


NewsEngin feature allows you to convert dollar values between any two years to adjust for inflation.

Economic Research Institute

This site provides searchable information on salary and wage survey, cost of living, geographic differential analyses for relocation. Relocation Assessor provides detailed comparisons on subjects such as, consumables, health services, income taxes, and others Salary Calculator

I love this calculator. Choose two cities and whether you prefer rent or own and it will tell you how much you will need to make in the second city to equal $100,000 in the first.

U.S. Cost-of-Living Comparisons

Provides same service as the salary calculator but for cost of living in general rather than just housing related costs. Latest data is for year 2000 and covers 399 cities

Yahoo! Cities Comparison

Lets you select two cities and compare them by cost of living, real estate, and quality of life. More comprehensive than the salary calculators alone.

Claims to have all the tools you’ll need to easily manage your move from start to finish. From finding the place of your dreams, to securing a mortgage, to finding a mover, to furnishing your new home.

Find a wealth of information on over 31,000 cities and towns across the USA

MoversNet – U.S. Postal Service

A source of tips about household moving and information about state motor vehicle, driving, and voter registration procedures. The site also has an online USPS change of address form.

Relocation Central

The National Relocation Directory has a list of links for information about a certain locale like school, entertainment, child and health care.

A site with a variety of relocation information and tools.