Lufthansa – maintaining change momentum

This article – a specially abridged version of a full case study – describes how the company went from the brink of disaster to becoming one of the world’s leading airline companies.

Balanced Sourcing the Honda Way

At first glance, what Honda of America does to develop its products, sustain its supply base and manage its purchasing function seems little different from what most other car makers do. But the results that Honda achieves are often remarkably superior.

Yarde Metals: Creating a Company of Owners

This article offers a look at the unique management philosophy and values of Yarde Metals.

ARM Holdings Plc

In just ten years, ARM transformed itself from beleaguered computer company to designer of RISC chips that are today the de facto standard for mobile phones, storage devices, automotive computing, and others. In this Case Study, Eleanor O’Keeffe and Professor Peter Williamson present the company’s innovative business model based on partnerships that give it unrivalled capability to “learn from the world”.

Opening the Gate on The Making of the First Nordic B2B Marketplace (A), Building Critical Mass (B1), To Be or

In early 2000, four of the largest companies in Denmark began to explore an alliance aimed at the New Economy. Within months they designed a business, set strategy, and launched the first Nordic B2B e-marketplace. But they couldn’t predict how events would affect their strategies, individually or as a group.

The Scotts Company: (A) Transforming the European Supply Chain, (B) Developing a Supply Chain Balanced Scorecard

From its humble start in 1868 in Marysville, Ohio, as a seller of hardware and seeds, the Scotts Company has grown into the world’s number one marketer of branded consumer lawn and garden products. Its expansion into Europe in the 1990s marked the company’s first foray into the region, an area US managers felt was ripe for growth. But after buying five businesses … [ Read more ]

Lee Coker

The members of Lee Coker’s team have varying degrees of experience and successes. How can he best manage this mixed group so that each person achieves his or her goals, as well as the milestones of the overall organisation? Professor Jean-Francois Manzoni and Research Fellow Jean-Louis Barsoux illustrate the challenges of operational management in this case study.

How to Manage Creative People: The Case of Industrial Light and Magic

George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic is the nations premier special effects shop with credits that include “Star Wars.” Part of its phenomenal growth and success stems from the innovative management of its employees — most of whom don’t even know they’re being managed.