The Thought Leader Interview: Loran Nordgren

The cofounder of unconscious thought theory explains how taking a break and distracting the mind can lead to higher-quality decision making.

Jonah Berger Is Over Twitter

How the science of social transmission can help your brand catch on—and why tweeting alone is not enough.

Daniel Pink’s New Pitch

In today’s markets, we are all salespeople.

Predictably Irrational: Beer, Pricing and the Human Mind

A conversation with Dan Ariely.

Crafting a Message That Sticks: An Interview with Chip Heath

The key to effective communication: make it simple, make it concrete, and make it surprising.

A ‘Parsu’ Parasuraman – Spotlight Interview

In this issue of Spotlight Professor A ‘Parsu’ Parasuraman speaks to editor Sarah Powell about the concept of techno-ready marketing and the implications of techno-readiness for marketers.