The Road Warrior International Survival Guide

This iGo Corp. site offers vast amounts of valuable information for road warriors (or anyone traveling overseas for that matter). It covers 158 nations and its features include solutions to 25 problems that world travelers frequently face. An excellent first stop to add to your next itinerary. Cities Guide

Planning an international business trip? Here is a convenient first stop for basics on the major cities of the world. Look for insider tips, a cheat sheet, recommended hotels and restaurants, sightseeing choices, nightlife venues, good places to shop, important contact numbers, basic phrases, and more.

UN/CEFACT – United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business

UN/CEFACT is the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business. Its mission is to improve the ability of business, trade and administrative organizations, from developed, developing and transitional economies, to exchange products and relevant services effectively – and so contribute to the growth of global commerce. Its goals include:
– Expanding global commerce
– Reducing bureaucracy and increasing transparency … [ Read more ]

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Human Development Report

This report highlights discrepancies in technology adoption and growth as warnings of a deepening digital divide. For example, between 1998 and 2000, the number of Internet users as a percentage of population increased from 0.1% to 0.4% in sub-Saharan Africa. In the US that percentage jumped from 26.3% to 54.3%. The report also notes that the total international bandwidth for the African continent is less … [ Read more ]

The WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources

This section of the WWW Virtual Library system presents over 2000 annotated links in a range of international affairs topics. Most of the sites are in English, and are carefully selected for long-term value, favoring those with cost-free, high-quality information and analysis online. Many are gateway sites or have internal search engines. Resource categories include:
– Getting started
– Media Sources
– … [ Read more ]

Interactive Index of Economic Freedom

The Heritage Foundation, along with the _Wall Street Journal_, presents the Interactive Index of Economic Freedom, a tremendous database offering detailed reference information about economic policy for 161 countries. The search feature provides a variety of options for searching the database and organizing the results including sorting the results alphabetically or by rank. Along with a simple search, users can search by country or region … [ Read more ]

Export Portal – US Department of Commerce

Export Portal offers far-reaching resources about trade and exporting. Featured on the site is an online guide, “Get International Trade Assistance,” which provides information and a collection of helpful links on expanding businesses to include trade. The site also includes links to US government Websites dealing with trade and export, which feature statistics, market research, advocacy, a calendar of events and more. Finally, the site … [ Read more ]

International Business Resource Connection

The International Business Resource Connection (IBRC) is an outreach tool created by the Center for International Business Education and Research within University of Kansas School of Business. The IBRC intends to help international trade and business education by focusing on the Internet as a communication tool to help develop international business opportunities for “firms located in the heartland of the United States.” The site contains … [ Read more ]

Case Studies in Economic Sanctions

From the Institute for International Economics, Case Studies in Economic Sanctions presents, at present, eight in-depth case studies of the effects of economic sanctions in countries including Cuba, Libya, Pakistan, Iran, India, and Myanmar. Each case study is presented in three compact pages beginning with a detailed timeline of the history of the sanctions. The second page offers more information, including the chronological goals of … [ Read more ]

World Bank Research Website

The World Bank has collected its economic research so that users can access it through one easy-to-use Webpage. Research is organized into three main sections: Topics, Project Sites, and Key Outputs. These topics are further broken down into subcategories, which are accessible from the front page via pull-down menus or hyperlinked lists. The site also contains a What’s New column, which lists the titles of … [ Read more ]

Logos Multilingual E-Translation Portal

This site offers several useful features relating to language. It’s main feature is a translation dictionary covering some 30+ languages. The dictionary is an evolving project as new entries are added by the various professional translators who volunteer to maintain the site. There is also a Wordtheque, which is a massive database (currently 529.398.809 words) containing multilingual novels, technical literature and translated … [ Read more ]

World Executive

Do a lot of business travel? Visit the World Executive site for the quick lowdown on hotels, reservations, hotel websites and special offers for the traveling business executive. Also offers city guides, which present a concise summary of everything the executive needs to know for a quick city visit, such as: How do I get from the airport to town? What will the … [ Read more ]

Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)

CSIS is a public policy research institution dedicated to analysis and policy impact. It maintains resident experts on all the world’s major geographical regions and also covers key functional areas, such as international finance, U.S. trade and economic policy, national and international security issues, energy, and telecommunications. This site has a wealth of useful information for anyone interested in the international arena. … [ Read more ]

Global Trade Zone

Global Trade Center provides many valuable international trade services for manufacturers, importers, exporters, trade service businesses and opportunity seekers. Site features include: Global Trade Leads Database (suppliers/buyers), Bulletin Board, a Reference Section, Trade Show database, World Maps, and more.

This site from an intelligence consulting firm in Austin, Texas is hard to categorize. It provides “intelligence” but not necessarily competitive intelligence (though sometimes). More like the CIA – but in that it is useful for those interested in international affairs. According to the site, “We aim to make our web site a source of enlightenment about the world in which we … [ Read more ]

Rational Expectations

Rational Expectations was set up by Ralph Lazar, former strategist and economist for Goldman Sachs, Barings & Credit Suisse First Boston, as a “resource for anyone interested in [emerging markets] economics — students, teachers, lecturers, journalists, professionals, or just the curious.” A fully comprehensive guide to the people, places, and events of the economics world, Rational Expectations includes an searchable database of over 1,000 organizations … [ Read more ]

Online version of well-known magazine. Newest feature: Global Agenda – provides rolling coverage and analysis on six to eight of the most important business and political topics each day. Each world topic includes a short paragraph summary of the issue, as well as a mid-length article examining the issue in greater detail.

Global Development Gateway (GDG)

This new pilot project from the World Bank is designed as a portal for resources and tools on development issues, enabling those in the field to “share information, easily communicate, and build communities of practice around significant development challenges from the grassroots up.” Currently, users can visit the site to learn about the project, its prototype features, and view the demo. At present, the demo … [ Read more ]

The Internationalist

Site with numerous links for international business and travel. Business categories include: stock markets, banks, finance, companies, international trade, import/export, offshore, translation and languages, business and legal resources, conference, conveniences, world press, politics and governments, government resources and education.

Country Studies

A collection of research studies outlining the history, society, geography and government of more than eighty-five nations.