ASSESS -an Interactive Program for Utility Assessment

ASSESS is an interactive computer program for assessing utility functions. A utility function is a quantitative scale of how an individual values different levels of a payoff, for example, the personal value that you attach to various monetary outcomes. The utility function of an individual may be used to help him/her make decisions among complex alternatives involving risk and multiple objectives. ASSESS can elicit a … [ Read more ]


If you handle pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, this is your ultimate reconnaissance tool. Use it to find out how much is being spent on PPC advertising by category or industry… or you may prefer to drill down and discover how much a competitor is spending per day on PPC, plus the number of clicks their site is receiving per day, the average position of their ad … [ Read more ]


At this useful site you can enter any U.S. ZIP code to get the following stats:
* Education levels
* Income
* Occupation
* Marital Status
* Age/Gender/Race Demographics
* Stability/Newcomer Appeal

You can also see how the zip code compares to neighboring zip codes or you can enter up to 20 other zip codes to do a custom comparison.

Editor’s Note: The data comes from … [ Read more ]

Marketing Charts

Looking for a marketing chart to make a point? Marketing Charts can best be described as a topic-specific directory for marketing charts. It’s categorized in two ways:
1. By major media formats, such as television, print, interactive, etc.; and
2. By topic, with dozens to choose from ranging from affiliate marketing to youth.

Explore any category and you will find the latest … [ Read more ]


At this site, you can search for any URL and get demographic and psychographic metrics for that site’s audience, including age, gender and income level and (when available) keywords that audience tends to use to get to sites like the one you are looking at. To get this information, Quantcast partners with online publishers, advertising networks, etc. for anonymous user information, such as that of … [ Read more ]

Market Research Portal

The Market Research Portal (MRP) offers a host of online resources and research related articles being highly relevant to market research buyers, researchers, newcomers to the industry, students and individuals with an interest in the market research industry. Topics include:
– Market Research Jobs
– Market Research Suppliers
– Question and Answer Forum
– Marketing Research News
– Library of Research Articles
– Market … [ Read more ]

Market Research Glossary

A list of over 650 common and uncommon marketing research words and phrases.

DSS Market Researcher’s Toolkit

DSS has gathered some of the more useful market research tools (Sample Size Calculator, Sample Error Calculators, Statistical Power Calculator) here, along with some general research white papers and Internet resources.

This site offers useful resources for anyone involved in, or with any interest in the marketing research field. Includes:
– Market Research Roundtable
– Industry Events Calendar
– Research Company Directory
– Employment Board
– Research Software Archive
– Market Research Calculators
– Market Research Library
– Legislative Watch
– News & Stock
– Palm OS Software
– Web-Survey Tutorial

The Ultimate Valuation Guide

How much is your company worth? If you own a piece of a public company, you can pick up a newspaper every morning and see how your business is trading. But if you own part or all of a private company, there are very few places you can turn for similar information. To help you, Inc. and have partnered with Business Valuation Resources to … [ Read more ]

IBISWorld Industry Snapshots

IBISWorld Industry data covers over 680 Industries in the United State’s economy. To obtain an overview of the industry you are interested in, select your specific industry from the alphabetical list or choose an industry category from the list below. Basic information is provided free of charge and more complete reports can be purchased


BizMiner provides fee-based industry analysis on 16,000 lines of business in over 3,000 US locations – perfect for business plans, marketing research, benchmarking and valuations.

First Research

First Research delivers critical knowledge sales tools to equip sales and marketing professionals with the targeted understanding needed to engage key prospects and deepen customer relationships.

Our Industry Profiles are designed to deliver the industry knowledge and industry analysis that generates an understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing your prospects and customers. Our easy-to-use, easy-to-comprehend Industry Profiles and market research give you an advantage over … [ Read more ]

Industry, Trade and the Economy: Data and Analysis

OTEA conducts a comprehensive program of data development, dissemination, and research and analysis on international and domestic trade and investment issues to support trade promotion and trade policy responsibilities of Trade Development, International Trade Administration, Department of Commerce and U.S. Government organizations and officials. This site makes the results of that work available to the public.

U.S. Commercial Service Market Research Library

Find a wealth of useful market research on this site. Search fields include:
Report Type

The Infoshop

Market research reports are the mainstay of this research portal and cover a range of industries, from pharmacogenomics to pet food and from carbon black to wireless LAN. The reports are current and, although they come with a price tag, many also offer a free précis. Visitors to the site may either choose from a keyword search or select a subject from the menu provided … [ Read more ]

Sample Size Calculator

How many people do you need to survey in order to generate a meaningful result? This Sample Size Calculator will help you find out. Let’s say you have 10,000 customers and you’d like to determine with a 95% confidence level how they will react to your new pricing plan, with a confidence interval of 4% (meaning results will be indicative, plus or minus 4%, of … [ Read more ] Market Research Tools

The website offers self-serve market research tools from Third Wave Research, which is a spin-off of the Applied Population Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Utilizing US Census data, these tools deliver stats on demographics, demographic trends, household spending, business profiling and product spending for the entire US in real-time, at no cost. Want to know just how cool these tools are? Go to … [ Read more ]

It ain’t pretty, but then neither are some of the revelations in this interesting site. Simple and straightforward in design, pulls together a whole bunch of recent public opinion surveys and divides them into easy-to-find categories. These polls are all from reliable sources: The Gallup Organization, the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, media organizations such as The Wall Street Journal, … [ Read more ]

Research Connect

Research Connect is a resource for the national media, independent research firms, university professors, students, institutional money managers, investors, public relations firms and countless others.

RC has built an extensive independent research database and online directory of experts consisting of economists, financial analysts, research fellows, scholars, university professors, technical gurus and CEOs from worldwide think tanks, independent research firms, consulting agencies and prestigious universities throughout … [ Read more ]