If you sell to other businesses, Manta has information on over 24 million businesses in the U.S., which you can access for free. You can sort by social networking handles, revenues, start date, number of employees, geography and more. If you need to define the size of your market, this is the place to go…and you can get what you need without a paid subscription. … [ Read more ]

The Missing Google Analytics Manual

Get the most out of your Google Analytics with this collection of links to implement, configure and get insights from Google Analytics.

ASSESS -an Interactive Program for Utility Assessment

ASSESS is an interactive computer program for assessing utility functions. A utility function is a quantitative scale of how an individual values different levels of a payoff, for example, the personal value that you attach to various monetary outcomes. The utility function of an individual may be used to help him/her make decisions among complex alternatives involving risk and multiple objectives. ASSESS can elicit a … [ Read more ]

the largest site in the world on all aspects of how we change what others think, believe, feel and do. There are already over 2500 pages here, with much more to come. [Hat Tip to Guy Kawasaki]

Email Marketing Tips and Tricks

MailChimp offers a resource center with free email marketing guides covering frequent mistakes as well as best practices in email marketing. Topics range from getting started for beginners to more complex email issues for advanced subscribers.

Curious about how complex your documents or Web pages are to read? You don’t have to get a team of experts to generate your readability score: you can just use to analyze the characteristics of your writing and ascertain a multitude of readability scores. By comparing the readability score of different documents (or Web pages) you can better hone your writing and make sure … [ Read more ]


If you handle pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, this is your ultimate reconnaissance tool. Use it to find out how much is being spent on PPC advertising by category or industry… or you may prefer to drill down and discover how much a competitor is spending per day on PPC, plus the number of clicks their site is receiving per day, the average position of their ad … [ Read more ]


At this useful site you can enter any U.S. ZIP code to get the following stats:
* Education levels
* Income
* Occupation
* Marital Status
* Age/Gender/Race Demographics
* Stability/Newcomer Appeal

You can also see how the zip code compares to neighboring zip codes or you can enter up to 20 other zip codes to do a custom comparison.

Editor’s Note: The data comes from … [ Read more ]

Pricing Practices

Marketing Charts

Looking for a marketing chart to make a point? Marketing Charts can best be described as a topic-specific directory for marketing charts. It’s categorized in two ways:
1. By major media formats, such as television, print, interactive, etc.; and
2. By topic, with dozens to choose from ranging from affiliate marketing to youth.

Explore any category and you will find the latest … [ Read more ]

Most any email marketing service provider worth its salt will allow you to track and analyze the success of your email marketing programs. However, comparing yourself to yourself can only get you so far. This site is full of email performance factoids from every study under the sun (you know, the ones you’ve been meaning to read for ages). All factoids are organized by subject … [ Read more ]


At this site, you can search for any URL and get demographic and psychographic metrics for that site’s audience, including age, gender and income level and (when available) keywords that audience tends to use to get to sites like the one you are looking at. To get this information, Quantcast partners with online publishers, advertising networks, etc. for anonymous user information, such as that of … [ Read more ]

netFactor VisitorTrack

Assuming we understand correctly what’s going on here, this company has a tool that looks at the IP address of each visitor to your site. It then researches the IP address to come up with the corporate domain name associated with that IP address. It then cross-references the corporate domain name with a business record database to fill in the blanks in terms of company … [ Read more ]

Market Research Portal

The Market Research Portal (MRP) offers a host of online resources and research related articles being highly relevant to market research buyers, researchers, newcomers to the industry, students and individuals with an interest in the market research industry. Topics include:
– Market Research Jobs
– Market Research Suppliers
– Question and Answer Forum
– Marketing Research News
– Library of Research Articles
– Market … [ Read more ]

International Data Base (IDB)

The International Data Base (IDB) is a computerized source of demographic and socioeconomic statistics for 228 countries and areas of the world. The IDB combines data from country sources (especially censuses and surveys) with IPC’s estimates and projections to provide information dating back as far as 1950 and as far ahead as 2050. Because the IDB is maintained at IPC as a research tool in … [ Read more ]

Market Research Glossary

A list of over 650 common and uncommon marketing research words and phrases.