The HubSpot Culture Code

This is a slide deck created by HubSpot co-founder Dharmesh Shah to sketch out the company’s culture. For background information, read the related First Round Review article.

Assess Your Transformation Pathways

This simple tool can help your team assess your organization’s current performance level across 6 areas (16 items to assess) and consider how important each is to develop a big-picture awareness of any gaps you need to work on.

Organization Effectiveness Simulator

To translate insight into action, Booz & Company have developed an online simulation tool that enables individuals to audition various five-step organizational change programs. After assessing the current state of your organization and diagnosing it as one of seven common types, you can select from among 28 specific actions that map to one or more of the organizational DNA building blocks—decision rights, information, motivators, or … [ Read more ]

f Score – How Do You Trigger Fascination?

The F Score test reveals which fascination triggers (there are 7) you naturally apply, which others you should consider, and how to refine them to become more persuasive.

How ethical are you?

Are you an enforcer, philosopher, judge, angel, teacher or guardian? Find out the composition of your moral DNA with our test.

the largest site in the world on all aspects of how we change what others think, believe, feel and do. There are already over 2500 pages here, with much more to come. [Hat Tip to Guy Kawasaki]

Learning Organization Survey

This online diagnostic tool is part of a Harvard Business Review package on organizational learning aimed at helping you judge your own organization’s learning capabilities. It will help you answer key questions, including: To what extent is your unit functioning as a learning organization? and what are the relationships among the factors that affect learning in your unit?


Futureorg is a site with the goal of providing a coherent and innovative line of thinking that provides direction for the future of organizational development. The organizers want to develop this line of thinking in a book based on input by MBA students and researchers from around the world. If you have an interest in OB/OD and want to contribute, visit the site.

The MIT Process Handbook Project

The goal of the MIT Process Handbook Project is to develop rich online libraries for sharing and managing many kinds of knowledge about business. For example, these libraries can help find interesting case examples, generate innovative ideas about new business possibilities, and develop new computer programs.

Starting in 1991, we have developed one such library. We call it the Process Handbook–an extensive online knowledge base including … [ Read more ]

Business Ethics in the Movies

Sometimes the most appealing Web sites are those without all the Java bells and whistles-just simple information presented simply. “What can you learn about business ethics from the movies?” wondered Carolyn Johnson, business librarian at Arizona State University. The answer is this Web site. Here you’ll find a list of movies that in some way or other offer interesting perspectives on tricky business issues. Johnson … [ Read more ]


Melcrum tracks trends in organizational development and presents best practice application of new concepts, tools and ideas to assist managers to make both profitable and responsible business decisions. Resources at the site are categorized under six main topics: corporate and internal communication, human resources, knowledge management, intranets and corporate responsibility. The structure of information at each of the six silos is similar, with a collection … [ Read more ]

Practical Ethics Exercise

This exercise presents you with 15 situations that you might well experience (depending upon the nature and level of your job) in everyday working life. Management students of Professor Burke Pease at California State University, Monterey Bay have kindly helped with the 15 situations and alternative answers. All created on the basis of real life.

The objective of the exercise is to enable you to think … [ Read more ]

Women Working, 1870-1930

The Harvard University Library Open Collections Program mines Harvard’s large number of libraries to create digital collections of primary historical materials for use by teachers, students, and researchers. Women Working is OCP’s first project, a searchable archive of materials to be drawn ultimately from 2,200 books, 1,000 photographs, and 10,000 pages of manuscript collections. The site can be searched by keyword or browsed by topic. … [ Read more ]

Seton Hill University’s National Education Center for Women in Business, started in 1991, offers programs tailored to women entrepreneurs. E-magnify is the online arm of the initiative, and women in business would do well to check out the resources offered here. Under the frequently updated “Articles” section is a wealth of good advice on running a small business, with titles ranging from “Promoting Your Business … [ Read more ]

Org DNA Profiler

Have you ever wondered what makes your organization tick, how or why it works (or doesn’t)? Find out by taking our five-minute organizational DNA self-assessment.

By answering a few short questions on your organization’s structure, decision making, motivators, and information processes, you can learn whether your organization is resilient or passive-aggressive, overmanaged or just-in-time, military or outgrown.

Whatever the result, this assessment will help you … [ Read more ]

Business Ethics

This browsable, well-maintained directory of resources related to business ethics includes articles, publications, case studies, corporate codes of ethics, professional organizations and associations, and more. From librarian Sharon Stoerger of the University of Illinois.

Earning Differences Between Women and Men

Earning Differences Between Women and Men is a report from the US Department of Labor Women’s Bureau. This short report is peppered with charts and graphs from government agencies including the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The report explains that the wage gap still exists, with men earning on average 23.5 percent more than women. While the wage gap is shrinking, it … [ Read more ]

Unheard Voices: American Women in the Emerging Industrial and Business Age

The Harvard Business School presents Unheard Voices: American Women in the Emerging Industrial and Business Age. This manuscript collection, housed at the Harvard’s Baker Library, was extensively researched and surveyed in May 1999. Along with detailed descriptions of the collection, the site also offers a sample of digitized manuscripts. The collection is divided into four major categories: Women at Work, Women in Business, Women as … [ Read more ]