Support Your Managers with These re:Work Tools

There’s no question that managers matter to your organization: research shows that managers can significantly impact business outcomes and the employee experience. Develop and support your managers with these tools from Google’s re:Work blog, including:

  • Manager feedback survey [Google Forms survey]
  • New manager training course materials [slides, facilitator guide, and student workbook]
  • Career conversation worksheet [document]
  • “One Simple Thing” worksheet [document]
  • 1:1 meeting agenda template

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Public speaking is a huge fear for many people. teaches you the basics for free, with simple do’s and don’ts to ease your mind and craft an engaging speech. Developer and startup advisor Zach Holman designed the site as a crash course in the art of public speaking. There are five basic sections:

  1. How to plan your task
  2. Design and build your slides
  3. Prep or the big

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If your PowerPoint presentations are feeling a little robotic and your slides could use some freshening up, SlideFinder is a PowerPoint presentation search engine that can help you find new slides and inspiration.

SlideFinder catalogs publicly available PowerPoint presentations and indexes them by content. You can search for and download thousands of PowerPoint presentations to help with everything from ideas on how to lay out your … [ Read more ]


Need a template for your business plan, a tutorial on Python programming, or a copy of the Gettysburg address? Document sharing web site DocStoc has more than 12,000 files posted for free browsing and downloads. Registered members can keep personal “folders” on the site with links to useful docs and get notified by email when another user uploads a file type they request. Those looking … [ Read more ]

ASSESS -an Interactive Program for Utility Assessment

ASSESS is an interactive computer program for assessing utility functions. A utility function is a quantitative scale of how an individual values different levels of a payoff, for example, the personal value that you attach to various monetary outcomes. The utility function of an individual may be used to help him/her make decisions among complex alternatives involving risk and multiple objectives. ASSESS can elicit a … [ Read more ]


This tool allows you to search the world of blogs by keyword, brand or topic to see who’s blogging about it and what they’re saying. The interface encourages you to compare one keyword vs. two more related keywords (or brands, if you are doing competitive research).

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BNET’s 50 Best Excel Tips

Whether you spent all day in Excel spreadsheets or you only launch the program once a month, there’s always more to know about the software. These 50 tips cover these five topics:
* Customizing your workspace
* Editing, layout, and printing
* Entering and working with data
* Working with formulas, functions and code
* Mastering Web tricks

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Mr. Excel Message Board

Have a question about using Microsoft Excel? The fastest way to get an answer may be to post it to the Mr. Excel Message Board. At the time of writing, the board had more than 1 million posts and almost 63,000 registered users.

Editor’s Note: you might find the tips and solutions (not all free) on the main Mr. Excel site useful as well…

BNET Free MyWorkTools

BNET has partnered with accepts submissions of work tools that cover all business areas, including customer service, human resources, sales, training, and business development. also provides experienced professionals with a means to generate income from these tools. Once a tool is accepted, the author receives 15% of any sales of the tool.

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Excel Treemapper

An MS Excel add-in that enables data visualization by drawing boxes of various sizes based on a spreadsheet with hierarchical data (e.g., one which shows how different divisions of XYZ corp are doing at sprocket, widget, and screw sales).

Martindale Management & Business Calculators

If you are a calculation junkie, you will go wild at this site, which at the time of writing housed more than 19,730 calculators for tabulating every kind of data under the sun. The “Management & Business” section contains and/or points to hundreds of calculators that have been lovingly gathered by this reference site’s sole proprietor, Mr. Jim Martindale. A few of our favorites include … [ Read more ]

Many websites, particularly media sites, now require registration, usually to gather demographic data about users. If for any reason you don’t want to register but still want to view the site, go to, which offers valid logins and passwords for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of sites.

EXCEL 2000 Tip Gallery

A collection of short tips covering a wide range of topics related to using MS Excel.

Overview: Business Letters

Learn how to write a business letter. Includes information on defining and establishing the purpose, analyzing the audience, detailed format descriptions, common types of business letters, and effective letter-writing principles. From the Writing Center at Colorado State University.

Presenters University

*** What it’s good for ***
Tutorials, how-to articles, free templates, clip art, and Presentation Pointers E-mail newsletter.

*** Don’t waste your time if ***
You dislike text-heavy course material.

*** What our CEOs had to say ***
Randy Goldsmith and Mahendra Vora praise the site’s large library of articles on crafting and delivering great presentations.

*** What you should know ***
The site is sponsored … [ Read more ]


*** What it’s good for ***
Templates, tutorials, links, and “power tips” illustrated in sample presentations.

*** Don’t waste your time if ***
You want lots of freebies or if you object to registering before downloading those few giveaways.

*** What our CEOs had to say ***
“Geared toward the power user,” says Karina Shaver.

*** What you should know ***
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Presenters Online

*** What it’s good for ***
Tutorials, links, sound files, clip art, and tips on everything from room arrangements to effective closings.

*** Don’t waste your time if ***
You want cutting-edge content. Some articles date back four years.

*** What our CEOs had to say ***
A great site for newbies, Rosenberg says: “Very welcoming, not the least bit intimidating.”

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Website Estates

Website Estates is an online community for marketing and communications professionals seeking insight, resources and guidance on topics including presentations, sales and marketing and ebusiness. The site includes free PowerPoint Template downloads.

Digital Studio PPT Templates by Sonia Coleman

Here are 208 PowerPoint template kits for your use, no strings attached! Each set contains 8 templates. They can be downloaded as sets or individually. Also check out the Tutorials section of the site for a PowerPoint FAQ, presentation tips, and more (probably more useful than the templates).

Create Adobe PDF Online

Did you know that you could create PDFs online with Adobe’s Web-based tool for $9.95(US) per month? You’d never know it from their site. Go directly to the URL above to subscribe and access this tool. Tip — don’t bother with the free trial. Pay for the subscription right from the start, because the trial version eliminates some of the features you will need to … [ Read more ]