Chris Paradysz

Content rules. It always has. It just changes form and value.

Matt Kepnes

Content may be king, but marketing is the queen — and, as any good chess player knows, queens are the real power.

Matthew E. May

Great innovation is great in large part because of context. Context separates invention from innovation. Context is like the frame in art. If the canvas doesn’t fit the frame, the whole thing doesn’t quite work.

Nilofer Merchant

When this [Web 2.0] model allows many new ideas, then the cost of solving problems and of generating content will go down. It also means the cost and the need for filtering will go up. You will need to filter not only for what’s good versus what’s bad but also for what fits your strategy. Not every idea will work given your asset base, your … [ Read more ]

Douglas Rushkoff

We think of a medium as a thing that delivers content. But the delivered content is a medium in itself. The many forms of content we collect and experience online are really just forms of ammunition, an excuse to start a discussion with that attractive person in the next cubicle…

That’s why the most successful TV shows, Websites, and music recordings are generally the ones … [ Read more ]

John Seely Brown

In the old days, things didn’t change quite so fast, and media or more accurately genres with a given medium had a chance to stabilize. Then we would subconsciously appropriate a genre and know how to read the content through the lenses of that genre. But today things are changing so rapidly that you don’t have that much stability in many of the genres which … [ Read more ]