Tony Robbins

The biggest illusion people share with me is “I started a business so I can have more free time.” That’s like saying you had a child so you could have more free time. That is dumb, right? It’s another reason people fail. My view is that if your business is your mission, if it’s truly something you love and live for, it’s an extension of you, it’s … [ Read more ]

Karen Rhorer

Unstructured meetings are a waste of time. Remember, time is your most precious resource as a manager — and wasted time harms yourself and your team.

John C. Maxwell

If you want to do a few small things right, do them yourself. If you want to do great things and make a big impact, learn to delegate.

Steven Levitt

No matter how expert you may be, well-designed checklists can improve outcomes.

Dan Pink

We’re very intentional about what we do. We’re intentional about how we do it. We’re intentional about who we do it with. But we take this question of when we do stuff and say, “Ah, it’s not that important. Let’s sit it over there at the kids’ table.” But it belongs at the grown-ups’ table. Time of day explains about 20% of the variance in … [ Read more ]

Scott Crabtree

When you say thank you, you increase your own happiness. I know of one executive who puts 10 pennies in his left pocket every morning. Every time he thanks someone or expresses gratitude, he moves a penny to his right pocket. He won’t go home until his left pocket is empty. Whatever you need to do to remind yourself to say positive things at work, … [ Read more ]

Scott Crabtree

A lot of people believe that multitasking makes them even more efficient at what they’re doing. Science shows otherwise, in dramatic fashion. Most importantly, multitasking makes attaining flow impossible. That’s the happiest, most productive state of mind, and you can get into it simply by focusing completely for 20 minutes or more on a challenging but possible task.

Scott Crabtree

Great goals go beyond SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant to your interests, and time-bound). They have specific milestones that help provide a sense of progress, which is crucial to happiness at work. If you start off with well-defined goals that will allow you to realize success and that have multiple steps toward an endpoint, you are much more likely to enjoy working toward them.

Hiten Shah

All good advice tips people toward action, not options. You may think all you need is advice. Practice is what you need.

Carl Spetzler, Hannah Winter, Jennifer Meyer

Conventional thinking […] confuses a good decision with a good outcome. Most will say, “We cannot know how good a decision is until we’ve seen the results.” That makes no sense in a world of uncertainty and unforeseeable events that decision makers cannot control. A good decision, for example, might be undermined by poor implementation. Or events on the far side of the world may … [ Read more ]

Matt Abrahams

Your job as a presenter is to engage your audience, to pull them forward in their seats. Unfortunately, audiences can be easily distracted, and they habituate quickly. To counter these natural tendencies, you must diversify your material to keep people’s attention, with variation in your voice, variation in your evidence, and variation in your visuals.

Lotte Bailyn

By throwing time at problems, managers were burning out their employees. By asking people to work such long hours, companies were also creating a sort of rigidity. But research has shown that creativity and innovation require time for reflection. Moreover, we know that if you constrain time, people work more intelligently. And from our own experience, we knew that if people work for 10 hours, … [ Read more ]

Lotte Bailyn, Laura W. Geller

Our society is still compartmentalizing “work” and “life,” looking for a way to even the scales, when we should be rethinking the perspective that values time as the ultimate capital. In systems based on such a mind-set, success comes to those who seem to be working the hardest, because they are always accessible. People cling to an outmoded view that work should be done by … [ Read more ]

Rory Vaden

People who are struggling with inaction invariably have one of the following three deep-rooted attitudes:
Fear: “I’m scared to do it.”
Entitlement: “I shouldn’t have to do it.”
Perfectionism: “I won’t try to do it if I can’t do it right.”
These all-too-common problems affect people across all professions, ages, and endeavors. You show me a person who is not achieving life at the level they … [ Read more ]

Michael Schrage

Instead of better tools for better organizing, people want their organization done for them. Organizing is wasteful; getting its benefits is productivity. …the new economics of personal productivity mean that the better organized we try to become, the more wasteful and inefficient we become. We’ll likely get more done better if we give less time and thought to organization and greater reflection and care to … [ Read more ]

Eric Schmidt

You need a certain amount of discord in your meetings. If you just have discord, well, then you have a university, right? So what you want to do is you need a deadline. So discord plus deadline. Who enforces the deadline? Me. That’s my job. Or whoever is running the meeting. So if you have discord and deadline, then you’re likely to produce a consensus. … [ Read more ]

Thomas H. Davenport

The problems of free access are fairly obvious: while workers may know how to use technology tools, they may not be skilled at searching for, using, or sharing the knowledge. One survey revealed that over a quarter of a typical knowledge worker’s time is spent searching for information. Another found that only 16 percent of the content within typical businesses is posted to locations where … [ Read more ]

Tony Schwartz and Catherine McCarthy

To access the energy of the human spirit, people need to clarify priorities and establish accompanying rituals in three categories: doing what they do best and enjoy most at work; consciously allocating time and energy to the areas of their lives—work, family, health, service to others—they deem most important; and living their core values in their daily behaviors.

Dave Barry

If you had to identify, in one word, the reason that the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be meetings.

Bob Prosen

There are only a few reasons that people are unproductive. They either don’t know what’s expected of them, they need training, they’re in the wrong job, or they need to go. Be careful not to confuse efficiency with unproductivity. Some people get things done so well they have time available to handle more. Whatever the reason, it’s management’s responsibility to address the situation immediately. … [ Read more ]