Perspectives on Business Innovation Special Edition: Adaptive Supply Chain

The vision of the adaptive enterprise is one that is familiar to all of us: an organization that thrives in a volatile business environment, responds and adapts to business changes, co-evolves with the market, and accelerates innovation through collaboration.

Needless to say, an adaptive supply chain must be supported by adaptive IT architectures and adaptive management models that extend an organization’s capability to rapidly adapt to changing business conditions. Quite simply, when an organization builds these levels of capabilities, it constructs an adaptive supply chain.

This special issue of Perspectives on Business Innovation discusses the various facets and capabilities of an adaptive supply chain-from channel and supplier collaboration to procurement and fulfillment. Drawing on the expertise of CGEY’s more than 2,000 global practitioners, it addresses coming trends in the supply chain. And by tapping the knowledge of 5,000 information technology practitioners, it offers perspective on the potential of adaptive IT.

Also examined is how a number of companies have been steadily evolving their supply chains to be more flexible and adaptive.

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