Phil Libin

There are many types of customer feedback, but it’s useful to group them into three main categories: complaints, suggestions, and compliments. Usually, it will feel as though the categories are complaints, complaints, and complaints.

Complaints are great; the more detailed, the better. They tell us where our product or overall experience is failing. Plus, they are the easiest form of feedback to get. No training or solicitation required. People are naturally good at complaining.

Don’t take Internet complaints personally. And don’t rush to implement the suggested corrective measures, but do pay attention. Also, train new team members on how to read Internet criticism without losing their minds.

The second most common type of customer feedback is product suggestions. We look at these, and occasionally a really great idea jumps out, but the vast majority are not useful. Your customers can’t design your product for you. People have a great sense of what’s making them unhappy right now, but they’re not very good at predicting what will make them happy in the future. That’s your job.

And if you’re good at your job, you’ll get a sprinkling of the last type of customer feedback: compliments. The best of them tell you how your product made a lasting difference in someone’s life. Share them with the team.

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